1. How To Keep Up With The Flexi Attitude This New Year!

    The new year has already knocked on our doors. And we all know one thing that every new year brings to us.

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  2. Top 5 Winter Wear

    Top 5 Winter Wear


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  3. Autumn/Winter Collection #FlexAndChill

    Autumn/Winter Collection #FlexAndChill

    It’s official, winter is here. It’s time to put away those t-shirts and shorts!


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  4. 5 Common Snacking Mistakes Affecting your Workout

    Are you trying to lose weight? Struggling to change the figures on the scales? Well, a deterrent in your healthy progress can be your snacking habit. Managing your major meals is easier when compared with your snacks. Surveys indicate that it is often the snacks that are the culprit preventing you from achieving your weight loss goals.

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  5. The Dos and Don’ts of Intermittent Fasting and Workouts

    Intermittent fasting is gaining popularity among fitness conscious. It is becoming a trend due to the many benefits of fasting and easy to follow approach. It helps you to lose weight, regulate hormones, boost immunity and prevents diseases. This trendy diet allows you to eat during your eating window and fast during the fasting window. Some people follow 12-hour eating and 12-hour fasting window. While those looking for quicker and better results, opt for 8 hours eating and 16-hour fasting window. You can eat pretty much whatever you desire in the eating window while maintaining portions to get the results. When you do intermittent fasting, you don’t need to count carbs or monitor calories carefully. However, there are certain dos and don’ts of intermittent fasting if you plan to continue working out.

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  6. Tips to Start Power Lifting

    Tips to Start Power Lifting

    Do you wish to challenge your strength or build it? For making and testing your strength,

    powerlifting is the way to go. A great form of strength training, it facilitates weight loss, builds the lean tissue and increases your longevity. Powerlifting is a perfect strength sport for those who like to learn the art and science of weightlifting. You can lift as much weight as you wish in different barbell exercises such as a back squat, deadlift and bench press.

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  7. The world will celebrate International Yoga Day on the 21st June. Are you planning to pledge and practise yoga every day? Or, it will be another year of failed resolutions? Practising yoga needs to be an everyday routine and not once a year phenomenon. This ancient physical, mental and spiritual practise needs to get embraced on an everyday basis so that you can reap its many benefits. If there is time constraint or you are a beginner, then follow these 5 simple yoga poses and bring them in your daily routine.

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  8. Dress Right for the World Cup 2019, It’s the Season of Cricket

    The world cup 2019 has started with a thumping victory of India against South Africa, giving Indians more reasons to cheer. The cricket fever will keep the enthusiasts engaged for over one and a half months. While cheering sessions will take place indoors, there will be match sessions outdoors. For on and off the field, you need to dress right to enjoy the game. Playing the game and applauding the performance of your team and players requires you to wear the right set of clothes. Here is a must have in your wardrobe to indulge in the season of cricket.

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  9. Are you Beginning to Cycle? Effective Tips for Beginner Cyclists

    Along with marathons, there is an increasing trend of cyclothon in every city across the country. Cycling is a great, full body exercise that helps strengthen the core, increases the muscular strength and helps in preventing various diseases. Cycling is especially proven for reducing cardiovascular problems. So, whether you are planning to take up cycling for good health or general fitness, here are some effective tips for beginners.

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  10. It’s Time for Flexiwear; Let’s Change the Game this Season

    Are you a sports buff looking for comfy sportswear? Does that T-shirt interfere with your stretches? Even though there are many options in running, weights and yoga wear that often overwhelm you, the comfort quotient remains unattended. This is because the sportswear that works well for one sport may be completely inappropriate for another. Moreover, despite the cool design and make, when that Bermuda or t-shirt impacts your shot during a game of basketball or while doing the crunches at the gym, the whole purpose of having a workout wardrobe appears to be a waste.

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  11. Ways to Strengthen your Immune System Against Spring Allergies

    The spring season is here! It is one of the most beautiful seasons, but it also brings a set of health woes for many. The blooming flowers, fresh grass and trees release pollen in the air, which is a natural process but leads to allergies. These allergies affect some people during spring, while it continues to impact others even during the summer season. Running nose, chest congestion, mood swings and itchy eyes are often the symptom of these spring allergies. The problem is that the over the counter medicines can provide only temporary relief. So, instead of succumbing to these seasonal allergies it is important to strengthen your immunity against these allergies.

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  12. 5 Types of Leg Pains that Walking May Cause

    Walking is looked up as an effective and moderate-intensity exercise. In fact, it is considered suitable for people of every age group and even for those who are taking up physical activity for the first time. It is one activity, which involves the entire body and you can do it anytime during the day. You can start and end your day with a brisk walk and benefit holistically. There are several studies which indicate the potential benefits of walking and reducing the risk of several illnesses including different forms of cancers and heart diseases. But when walking is supposed to be good for you, then why do you suffer from leg pain post a walk? Confusing? 

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  13. Emotional Eating - Not a Woman Only Issue; 5 Universal Ways of Coping with Emotional Eating

    Do you look up to eating junk food when you are stressed? Does that stressful day at work lead to binging on pizza at night? Well, these are the universal symptoms of this growing universal problem of emotional eating. Often, considered a common problem among women, it does impact men as well. The moment you hear the word emotional eating you can only imagine a woman sitting with a tub of ice cream or bar of chocolate in her hand. However, this issue is not limited to women or eating in stressed situations. Anyone can tend to indulge in overeating or binge eating when bored or overwhelmed. So, emotional eating can be due to various reasons and primarily refers to eating when you are not quite hungry.

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  14. 5 Modifications & Additions That You Need to Make in Your Lifestyle to Lose Weight

    Are you planning to lose weight? Looking for things that you should remove from your diet to start your weight loss journey? Well, for losing weight it is not all about eliminating things from your diet. Instead, there are many additions that you will need to make. Adding some healthy foods, strength training and positive thoughts can be the ideal accompaniments in your weight loss journey.

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  15. 5 Ways to Get your Valentine’s Heart Pounding This February

    The month of love is here! It’s time to celebrate valentine’s day and the relationships that matter. Of course, the tradition of flowers and chocolates can continue. But how about taking-up the responsibility of keeping each other healthy? How about reviving the relationship with fitness? Be the couple who is setting major fitness oops relationship goals and let others follow suit.

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