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  1. 4 Post Workout Essentials

    4 Post Workout Essentials

    Make the most of your training efforts by incorporating the right post workout regimen. It is as important as your pre and workout schedule. Athletes and exercisers need to replenish energy stores, increase and improve muscle quality and repair any damages caused during workout. Here is a list of four post workout essentials, which you need to incorporate in your routine to see the results of your hard work.

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    1.Stretch & Cool Down  

    You need to stretch and cool down when your muscles are still warm. As soon as you finish that last lap of spinning or treadmill indulge in some stretches to bring down your heart rate and relax your muscles. Stretching also helps to reduce lactic acid build-up and helps in building your endurance, flexibility and mobility.

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    After sweating out, rehydration is a must. Drink water and replenish your water reserves. So, take your water bottle along, keep sipping during the workout and refill your body well after finishing the workout. 

    Young adult man drinking bottle of water on treadmill in gym 


    One of the most popular post workout indulgences is a protein shake. But along with protein, you should have some carbohydrates to make up for loss of energy. The right nutrients post workout will improve performance, body composition and recovery. But when it comes to protein, you can have it anytime post workout, however, you must eat something within 30 minutes of completing your workout. Pack a light snack, a fruit or yoghurt along and have it soon after you finish working out.

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    4.Shower & Change

    Hit the shower straight after gym and put fresh clothes. It is simple hygiene, which you must adopt as a post workout ritual. It is essential as the moisture can facilitate growth of bacteria, fungus or yeast and result in skin infections. So, freshen-up soon after and feel the difference.

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    While, eating carbs and proteins, and some warm-up is a great way to start your workout, there are certain strict specifications, which need to be a part of your post workout routine. Follow these, so you can see visible changes in your body within a few weeks, itself. It will in turn give you a boost to work out more and better, and stay fit. 

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  2. Eat your Way to a Healthy Workout

    Eat your Way to a Healthy Workout

    We all know the importance of a workout regime in our everyday life. Research shows 150 minutes of workout a week are a must for every individual. But equally important is a nutritious meal before and after workout, so that your body gets the maximum benefit. If you will not eat well, you will not be able to work out well. Studies suggest, if you intend to burn 300 calories in a workout session, you should eat at least 150 calories to make up for the wear and tear, and give your best shot.

    In this blog, we will share some nutritious tips, which you should try and accommodate in your pre workout schedule,

    Eat those Carbs

    Carbohydrates = Energy, which makes it a must in your pre-workout meal. It is these carbs, which break down into glucose, enter into our muscle cells and give us the energy to do an amazing workout. Without carbs, you will not be able to do justice to any kind of workout as you will always feel tired and weak. So, for that fab workout in your gym the next time don’t hesitate to eat a granola bar, dry fruit, oatmeal or your favourite fruit. You can easily have any one of these options to feel energetic and pumped for your workout session.

    Cereal bar with almond and berry on thw wooden table

    Have your Proteins

    Muscle wear and tear is common during workouts especially if you indulge in weight training. This makes it important that you must have that glass of milk before you hit the gym. That tear in your muscle fibre during weight lifts require you to have optimum protein. From nuts to hard boiled egg, you can pick what you like before you go for weight lifting.

    Glass jug with milk and two eggs 

    Hydration is Pivotal

    Keeping your body well-hydrated is the key whether you are into light or intense workout. And of course there is no one size fits all, so don’t drink up too much or too little as per any random guideline. A simple urine check can come to your aid every day. Check the colour of your urine first thing in the morning. A lemon coloured one indicates proper hydration and dark colour urine is sign of dehydrated body. Keeping that water bottle with you through the day will be a good practise. You should keep sipping water and gradually you will get used to it. Even during your workout session, you must keep yourself hydrated. When profusely sweating go for a cup of water every 15-20 minutes. Let your body be your guide. If you need it, just have some water and you will be able to perform better. Just don’t bloat up.

    Woman drinking water after training on the sport mat

    Time it Up

    Between 30 minutes to three hours before workout, you can eat anytime. Again, there is no one rule applicable for all. Some people are able to perform well by eating just an hour before, while others may require 2 to 3 hours’ gap. So, depending upon your body requirement, you should take this decision. But eating is crucial. If you time your workouts first thing in the morning, do eat something like a fruit or a handful of dry fruits before starting your workout. But if it is later in the day, then enjoy a wholesome meal and reap the many benefits.

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    Pre Workout Meal Suggestions

    • A smoothie with one cup of fruit

    • An apple with some peanut butter

    • Granola bar

    • Handful of dry fruits

    • Oatmeal with a fruit

    Workout is not about instant gain or loss. It is a lifetime commitment you make with your body and mind. A good workout regime will help your waistline and health in the long term. So, eating healthy and nutritious is an integral part of it. Look for this space on for our post workout meal requisites blog, soon. 

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  3. Break the Monotony, Live Life Your Way

    Change is inevitable, it is difficult to accept and embrace, sometimes. But change is the name of the game. It helps you get out of that cobweb and move-on. Keep introducing small changes in your life from time to time and give new meaning and dimension to your life.

    change word concept

    Living a routine life can get monotonous and boring. Sometimes, life itself poses some challenges for which we are not prepared. Whether it is to break the monotony or overcome a challenge, a change can do it for you. How about taking up a new sport and giving your everyday routine a break. Yes, it will be difficult to take up something you have not done before. But that is the whole charm and beauty of trying something new. 

    person with hockey stick

    Taking up a sport helps you get out of that slumber, keeps you fit and diverts your mind, completely. So, if that job has started to irk you, then nothing like taking up a sport. For the time you play, your mind will be completely diverted. 

    sports person

    To charge and gear-up yourself, treat yourself to some cool sportswear. Spend on that tracks or tees and let your new wardrobe give you the push. With amazing and colorful sports gear available in the market today, you are only going to be spoiled with choices. Depending upon the sport you take, you can opt for tracks, capris or bermudas in vivid colors.

    cool sportswear

    If running is on your mind, then tease yourself for the upcoming marathon in your town and start training. Go for tees and tracks in sweat absorbent fabric in color of your choice. Opting for a comfortable sportswear is essential to play your game well. A sweat wicking track will help you run that last mile with ease. That cool Bermuda will enable you to make Messi-like goals in your football match. So, do give your sportswear its due when you plan to take up any game. 

    athletic young man running in the nature

    Taking up a challenging sport pushes you beyond your imagination. It is the perfect way to regain your lost confidence and believe in yourself. The way a sport can get you out of your comfort zone is simply unimaginable. So, push beyond boundaries and have a complete new you, physically, mentally and emotionally.

    man lifting weights

    Whichever sport you plan to take up, you are sure to find a suitable gear at We are home to sports and athleisure wear. From tracks to tees, bermudas to capris, you will get a lot of variety in cotton, polyester and a mix of both. In terms of colors as well, you are sure to get a treat at So, pick your sport today and our comfy and cool sportswear will only facilitate it further.

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  4. 5 Tips to Make Early Morning Workout a Reality

    For many of us an early morning workout is a far-fetched dream. We may have tried repeatedly but some of us are night owls by nature or nowadays rather by choice, so nothing can move us out of the bed, even sunrise. Though we know the significance of that early morning workout and how it will benefit our metabolism and health overall, still convincing ourselves for that big move gets tough. But the whole charm of any workout or sport is about pushing ourselves against the odds and boundaries, and reinstalling faith in ourselves. If you think you can, you definitely can and here are some early morning exercise tips, which will come handy in achieving this endeavor.  

    young man doing push ups looking away 

    Early to Bed, Early to Rise Makes a Person….

    Healthy, wealthy & wise, and we have heard this way too many a times. But let’s say you just need that one hour extra to make up to your morning workout routine, then just sleep an hour before. If this too sounds tough, then you can start by sleeping 30 to 40 minutes before your routine time and wake up exactly half an hour before. Giving yourself short goals can be the perfect approach. You can achieve them and feel accomplished. Once you are comfortable with that half an hour cycle push it to 45 or 60 minutes. Go slow and steady when you plan to accomplish big goals. 

    young man looking at dawn city scenery in window 

    Plan the day ahead, a Night Before

    In any case we are not morning people and leaving all the preparation for the morning will definitely not let us reach our goal. So, make sure you keep your workout gear, pre and post workout snacks ready the night before. And no, nothing major, you can keep your snacks simple, otherwise after a tiring day you can’t stand in the kitchen to prepare next morning meals. So, a fruit of your choice can be ideal before workout and a protein rich snack after the run is a must. Indulge in that buttermilk or milkshake post workout, carefree. 

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    The Right Sports gear

    We all like to look nice and pampering yourself with classy sports gear will surely be a treat. So, invest in that nice-looking sportswear, which you will want to wear every morning for that workout session. It will be just the incentive you will need. Maybe cut down on that formal wear a bit and buy that sportswear, which will motivate you to wake up every morning; rather we  suggest you try out, you will find quite a few, colorful and trendy sports gears to motivate yourself. Whether it is that round neck half sleeve tee with comfy tracks for gym or athletic Sleeveless jersey for your morning run, you will get it all at Sporto at unbelievable prices. So, maybe that dress or jeans for the party will not have to be compromised, either.

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    Workout Partner Needed? 

    If you have a friend who can accompany you to the gym every day, then nothing like it. Check with your friends, make a group and you all can hit the gym together. We’ll never make our friend waiting in the morning. So, finding a company can be just what you will need to make your morning workouts a reality. 

    Two friends running through the forest on a jogging trail 

    Treat Yourself, Stay Motivated

    Once you hit the gym continuously for a week, treat yourself to that chocolate shake or dress you were eyeing all that while. Make a milestone chart, as and when you achieve one milestone, treat yourself to something you want. It can be the perfect way to keep yourself motivated

    Laughing friends enjoying coffee

    With these tips, maybe you will soon settle into a morning routine and getting up even before sunrise will start happening naturally. Maybe you will soon be sharing this blog and helping others get into a morning routine and make the most of the many benefits of it. 

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