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  1. Sweat your Way to a Happy Life!

    Sweat your Way to a Happy Life!

    Can sweating make you happy? Does the key to that stress-free living lies in sweating out every day? Well, sweating after that every day movement in the form of exercise, yoga, run or walk can increase your happiness levels, unbelievably. It is for this reason that starting your day with a run, session of yoga or gym is ideal. Exercise not only keeps your body fit but also facilitates in mental stimulation keeping you happier than ever. Here is how sweat, oops working out makes you a happy person.

    The Chemical Reaction

    You may or may not have liked those Chemistry sessions at school but the reality remains that those chemicals like the endorphins when send to brain react in making you cheerful. That chemical, the dopamine, also plays an important role in making you happy. It reacts in bringing those feelings of happiness and pleasure. And the trick to increasing the production of this neurotransmitter is by exercising, running, and lifting. So, bring those chemicals to play by moving a little more.

    bodybuilder execute exercise with dumbbells

    The Mental Advantage

    Other than the chemistry side, the mental advantages of exercising are many and they give you that better mood. Suffering from mood swings then give exercising a try. Just 20 minutes of exercise can take care of your mood swings, unbelievably. The logic behind this is quite simple. When you indulge in any form of exercise, you end up not thinking about that work-stress, financial problem or other issues troubling you. A simple and short break from those negative thoughts gets you some power to deal with them, better. Further, when you subject your body to the stress generated by exercising it makes your body stronger and better at dealing with other physical and day-to-day stress. So, exercise your way to become stronger, and live a better life with a stress-free living.

    group of fit people

    The Feel Good Factor

    With a better self-image, you have a more optimistic outlook towards life. This is an absolute truth. Working out definitely gives you amazing results in terms of physical appearance and you get that instant boost and confidence. While, you first win over yourself in front of that mirror and then among peers, friends and acquaintances. Those awesome comments about you from your friends and family, definitely make you super happy.

    Young fitness man makes selfie in gym

    The Good Night Sleep

    When you work out, you are physically more exhausted and more prone to getting a better sleep, every night. Cure that insomnia without pills by exercising regularly. Exercising definitely alleviates your tensions giving you that much-needed 8 hours of sound sleep. More and better sleep makes you more cheerful and happy.

    man lying on the bed and stopping alarm clock

    So, give exercising a try for your overall well-being. You can literally feel those positive vibes just after a few minutes of working out. Overcome that sad and anxious you by a simple workout. Feeling low or dull? Just try exercising or going for a walk with your pet. You will instantly get that 


    For the best possible outcome, try working out at least five times a week for 30 minutes and you will see the results, yourself. Need that kick to get you out of the bed every morning. Then, shop for those awesome, Bermuda shorts for morning walk or track pants for gym from It is cool and affordable and having a workout wardrobe, definitely gives you that push to get going every morning. Need tips on early morning workout routine, then read our blog

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  2. Is Yoga an Effective Form of Workout?

    Yoga is an absolute best, it is everything your body needs to perform at its best. It is definitely an effective form of workout that can help you manifold. The many benefits of yoga are the reason behind its popularity across the globe and the reason for 21st June being celebrated as the world yoga day the world over.

    Burn Calories with Yoga

    Yes, you can burn lots of calories with a session of yoga, every day. You can almost shed the same amount of calories with yoga as you would with a session of push-up’s and lunges. Along with facilitating fat burning, yoga indirectly by regulating metabolic function also helps to burn calories more effectively. It has the potential of making your organs perform smoothly. So, that thyroid can no longer be a hindrance in your weight loss that’s the potential of yoga

    man with naked torso doing exercise

    Synchronized Mind, Body & Spirit

    Do, you know the impact of mindful you? It is enormous in your well-being and yoga does exactly the same for you. It synchronizes your mind and body, unbelievably. It gets you truly in every moment and you are more in tune with your body. When you are better attuned with your mind and body, you eat more mindfully and end up having lesser of those cravings. A balanced mind is the key to that self-confidence and emotional well-being.

    young people doing yoga lotus pose

    Calmness Like Never Before

    This balanced state of mind helps you take charge over your emotions and mind like never before. You become calm, patient and happy. It’s a state of mind that yoga helps you achieve, which you can feel only once you start practicing yoga, way before you become an accomplished yoga practitioner. That restlessness, helplessness, anxiety and stressed you will become a thing of the past, that’s the potential of yoga.

    Take Flexibility to New Heights

    Spring back into postures you never thought you could achieve. Well, that’s the importance of yoga. You can’t even imagine that your body could take such shapes. There are different types of yoga that can help you with different health objectives. Research and try a couple of them and then settle on one which best suits your requirements and achieve the flexibility that you only saw in gymnasts.

    Yoga Practice Exercise Class

    Feel the Strength & Get Toned

    Well, you thought that strength training and toning happens only with those machines at the gym. Then, it’s time you test your body with yoga and see the results to believe it. The flexibility yoga leases to your body gives your body the much-needed strength. Just try this for some days and then hit the gym for that weight training session. Your strength will have you spellbound. The reason being yoga helps to loosen-up tissues that enable you to perform way better in those weight training exercises. Tone-up those abs and bid adieu to those jiggling under-arm fat by practicing yoga.

    Co-Exist with Other Workouts

    The best part about doing yoga is that it enables you to perform better at the gym and field. So, you can take up running, gym and any other sport of your choice with yoga. The flexibility and strength that yoga gives you makes you perform beautifully in these other forms of workout, as well. That’s the beauty of yoga.If you are wondering whether to stop your gym or morning run? Well, don’t do that just do yoga for a day. Practice it whenever you want. It works well with other forms of workout and if you don’t do it for some time the benefits you got by doing it won’t reverse. So, unlike other forms of workout that lost weight, flexibility or strength will not reverse.

    Man practicing yoga

    Check for yoga classes near your area and start your classes for your overall well-being. Buy track pants online with best v neck t shirts for men or round neck t shirt online from and get going for that class of yoga for a new and stronger you, physically, mentally and emotionally


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  3. 5 Tips to Get You Walking More

    5 Tips to Get You Walking More

    Walking 10,000 steps a day is a must for everyone. It helps you burn those calories with ease and keeps you going strong. But on an average a person leading a sedentary lifestyle walks maximum 3000 steps. So, what can be done to get you walking more? Is it a far-fetched and unrealistic target? Well, maybe not. Here are some simple tips that you can inculcate in your everyday routine and meet your walking target with ease.

    1. Find a Walking Buddy

    It is one of the best way to get you going. Once you plan a walking session with your friend, then you are bound to make it happen. Decide a time, which is convenient for you and your friend, and then stick to the schedule of going for a walk, every day. Your walking buddy could also be your four-legged pet at home. Make sure you take your dear pet for a stroll every day, so that you both benefit with a longer and better life.

    Owner and Labrador dog walking in city

    2. Walking Date with Family

    A family should be your reason to have a better lifestyle instead of it acting as a hindrance. Plan a walking date with your significant other and your kids. Fix a time from your busy schedule to walk and talk with your partner. It will be a great way of spending some quality time and taking care of each other’s health needs. Likewise, when it comes to kids, they are playful by nature and love their timeout. So, take your infant in a stroller and toddlers in their bike and accomplish your daily walking target.

     mothers walking together with kids in prams

    3. Anything Less Than a Mile, Then Walk

    Make it your target that anything, which falls less than a mile away from your home you will walk up to that destination. Whether it is that grocery store, your workplace or kid’s school try walking up and meet your target with ease. Better still, make the most of the Google maps and plan your trips. You will soon be meeting-up your daily walking task easily.

    A mom taking a child to a kindergarten

    4. Wear Comfortable Shoes & Clothes

    Start making a wardrobe of comfortable clothes and shoes, which you should wear at home and school, so that you can walk anytime with ease. Those stylish clothes should not be your excuse for not working out. Keep your sportswear in your armoire in a way that you first end up looking at it. You can also keep a pair of sport shoes at office or near the gate at home. A glance at it will give you that push to go for a walk. You can make your sports wardrobe awesome and at an amazing price from Shop for mens Bermuda shorts, best track pants, men’s v neck shirts, and workout t shirts for men and get walking.

    young man in track pant

    5. Drink-up that Glass of Water

    Whether at home or office, do keep your water bottle handy and keep sipping water. It will make your loo visits more frequent, giving you a reason to take a quick break and walk. Along with loo breaks, you will also be walking up to the water cooler more frequently to refill your water bottle. Try this trick, it will add to your steps taken, significantly.

    a man drinking water at office desk

    With these easy additions in your lifestyle, you will greatly benefit with a fantastic walking score, every day. Make walking social, fun and leisure for you and your dear ones. Going out pubbing with friends and dining out with family can be easily replaced with a nice walk the talk session at the nearest park followed by a fun picnic. You are sure to spend a quality time there as well and have an awesome walking track record.

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  4. 5 Ways to Structure your Workout Routine

    With summers round the corner, it is the ideal time to get back in your tracks and resume your workout routine.Bid adieu to the winter slumber and embrace the warm sun rays every morning with a fab workout. Start your marathon training plan, resume your morning yoga and evening gym sessions with friends and get back in shape now.

    Sprinter leaving starting blocks on the running track

    Resuming workout after a short break can be tough. So, let’s help you plan your workout routine before monsoon’s give you another reason to skip.

    1. What’s your Goal?

    So, did you put-on weight during winters? Or planning to run the next marathon in your city? Decide your goal first, so it is easy to plan your workout. Keep a short term goal, depending upon the time availability and aim to achieve it. It is always a better idea to challenge yourself with figures. So, give yourself target of losing 5 kg in three months or run that 21 km marathon in 2 hours. It will help you stay focused and once you accomplish it, you will have a sense of contentment.

    diet & fitness

    2.Doing Strength Training?

    Whatever maybe your target or goal, strength training must be a part of your workout routine. It will help you do wonders in every activity you pursue. Strength is something you will need for even your day to day activities. So, imagine its importance when you want to run that marathon or bike racing event in your city. Indulge in a balance training and strength exercise is definitely an integral part of it. You can incorporate strength training two to three times in a week for about 15-20 minutes, and enjoy your stamina in everyday routine tasks and other physical activities you pursue.

    male bodybuilder in gym

    3.Do Your Cardio?

    Include it in your workout routine for sure if staying fit is your fitness mantra for life. Even 10-15 minutes of cardio everyday trains you to deal with your action packed life and gives your health, a kick. You may not be a cardio person, but incorporating some sprinting on grass or biking at the gym will turn out to be greatly beneficial in the long run. Otherwise, simply include some jogging time in your warm-up and it shall take care of you.

    People cardio workout in gym

    4.Stretch Up

    Stretches are the perfect way of concluding any workout and relaxing your muscles. So, do it irrespective of your fitness means. Stretching is becoming increasingly important in today’s sedentary lifestyle. It is for this reason that your trainers and doctors advise some stretching through the day whether at office or home. Stretch your spine when at work, and ankles and hips during your workout. Simple but will surely work wonders.

    man in sportswear doing stretching at gym

    5.Don’t Forget to Rest

    Haven’t you heard of cheat days? Maybe your trainers suggest that too. Cheat days or we can call it rest days are pivotal if you want to see result of those gym and running sessions. So, skip running and take your pet for a stroll or go hiking with friends. Some relaxation is essential too. Keep a day in every week’s workout routine for light movement.

    Young man walking with husky dog outside

    Plan your workout now rather pen it down and take pride when you accomplish it. Make it as realistic as possible so you can follow it and make it a part of your everyday routine. Try not to give it a miss, keep it on your priority list and see the wonders in your health and fitness levels before monsoon, itself.

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