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  1. It’s About Being Always Sporty

    Sports for some is playing that game of football or cricket, while others it is going for that morning run or gym. But Being Sporty is more an attitude that we want you to adopt. So, we introduce the #AlwaysSporty campaign. Come share with us your sporty thoughts. No, we are not looking at that Marathon certificate neither are we going to make you run one as we believe in being sporty in mind and spirit.

    #AlwaysSporty is showing off your sporty side while doing the everyday tasks. Yes, stretching for that remote control or showing off your daring moves and taking selfies of it is being #AlwaysSporty. Pushing your broken car and stretching your arms and calves is being #AlwaysSporty. So, wear your sportswear or athleisure wear from the house of Sporto and show us your sporty spirits.

    No the fun doesn’t end at it. As part of our #AlwaysSporty campaign, we will make your weekends sportier than ever. Come play with us every weekend we are playing with you in your city every weekend. So come show us your sporty spirit and win cool sports merchandise by Sporto. Balancing and bouncing that cricket ball or arm wrestling game, come indulge in such energetic, fun and lively games, individually or in groups at an #AlwaysSporty event near you. These fun events are planned every weekend, where you will not just have fun but get a chance to win some cool and colorful merchandise by Sporto.


    Knowing the many benefits of running with no major investment to make, running is definitely on the radar. A great way to get in shape, you can build your stamina and expand your social circle by running. Moreover, the frequent marathons in your city will keep you going for sure. Further, with running the main advantage is that you can manage at your time as per your convenience. No strings, attached.

    Let’s give your sporty side a new perspective. It is all about being sporty, #AlwaysSporty. Keep coming back to Sporto on Facebook for sporty fun, activities and contests. And if cool and affordable sportswear is on your mind, then browse through where you can get for cool, colorful and breezy sports merchandise. You can buy track pants, sports jersey, v neck t shirts for men, three quarter pants, and much more at So, #Khelte raho, just as you like and desire, and stay sporty in mind, body and spirit with trendy sportswear from Sporto.

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  2. 5 Fitness Trends on the Fire

    5 Fitness Trends on the Fire

    Fitness trends keep coming and going. Every few months there is a new fad. But of the newer trends there are some that will settle and stay for long. You will love them and make them a part of your workout routines. Here are some of these trends, which will stay on fire and maybe withstand the fervour the new ones make.

    1. HIIT Workout:

    The High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT has made inroads and is likely to be everyone’s hot favourite in the near future, as well. Benefit of working out for mere 15 minutes is quite desirable. Torch maximum calories in minimum amount of time by taking up a few HIIT workouts. With a variety of options in HIIT, you are sure to try something new each time you need that kick, to get you moving.

    2. Running:

    Knowing the many benefits of running with no major investment to make, running is definitely on the radar. A great way to get in shape, you can build your stamina and expand your social circle by running. Moreover, the frequent marathons in your city will keep you going for sure. Further, with running the main advantage is that you can manage at your time as per your convenience. No strings, attached.

    couple running across the bridge

    3. Cycling:

    Been in vogue since times immemorial, cycling has remained everyone’s hot favourite. One of the easiest and most accessible fitness trends, the fervour is increasing with the many cyclothon’s being organized the world over. Rent a bike or invest in one and pedal your way to fitness and freedom. It is great not just for the legs but overall body and your stamina level. So, keep cycling, keep fit.

    men cycling road bike in the morning

    4. Strength Training:

    It is corner stone for every kind of workout that you opt for. Whether you are a gym enthusiast, a marathon runner or cyclist, strength training is the key for your performance. For almost every kind of workout, you need to build that strength. You can indulge in strength training at home or gym and make the many benefits on different tracks and field.

    Young man training upper body using fly machine in gym

    5. Kick Boxing:

    With a surge in boxing studios in every city and town, kick boxing has definitely made its place. Offering strength training, cardio and swiftness training it is one workout you are sure to enjoy to the core. Moreover, the way it brings down your stress levels, you will be delighted at the first sight, itself. Punch that heavy bag hard and let go of all that is boiling inside. Improve your mental and physical strength like never before with this awesome workout. Hope you take the plunge for one of these workouts and enjoy your favourite workout like never before.

    fighter giving a forceful forward kick during a practice

    Take professional assistance and feel the difference in a few sessions, itself. Further, for each of these workouts, you will need the right set of gears, which facilitate easy and swift movement. Get the best gears for every workout from Intricately designed they will ensure a great workout. You can get men’s round neck t shirts, 3 4 shorts for men, running tracks pants and sports jersey online at Get the right clothing, which you need as per the workout you plan for yourself and get going.


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  3. 7 Simple Ways to Sleep Better

    7 Simple Ways to Sleep Better

    A good night sleep is a must for better performance during the day. It is an absolute must if you work out. During the time when you sleep your body heals and relaxes, repairs the growth hormone and makes you perfectly ready for your next day workout session. Not just for workout a good and sound sleep is one of the keys to a healthy body. So, you must sleep well and let your body be healed for the next day’s wear and tear. Studies reveal your body releases up to 50% of the growth hormone when you sleep. Some simple yet effective tips to sleep better every night

    1. Establish a Bedtime Routine:

    The word regular and routine often turns you off but it is important when it comes to enjoying a sound sleep, every day. If you set up that bedtime, you are bound to fall asleep around that time. So, if it is 9pm every day, then head to bed that time. If weekends, you feel like pushing longer then, try to cover up with a nap during the day but ensure you wake up at the set time in the morning.

    2. Turn Off the Screen, An Hour Before:

    Laptop, TV, mobile or tablet are best avoided before bed time. The reason being these back-lit screens emit blue-wave lights that can disrupt your sleep pattern. So, check that Facebook or Twitter in the morning and not before bedtime.

    Young couple with smartphones in their bed

    3. Avoid Liquids, Especially Alcohol:

    So, you were thinking that glass of whiskey or wine before bedtime gave you a good sleep? Well, you may end up sleeping as soon as you go to be bed but you will definitely not wake up fresh. Alcohol definitely disrupts your sleep quality. It inhibits that deep sleep, which your body needs for repair and releasing growth hormones. So, it is best to avoid that glass of wine with dinner or just before bedtime. Along with alcohol, consuming water or any liquid in excess before bedtime will definitely disrupt your sleep and get you out of bed before your wake-up time. Take your liquids in moderation as you near bed time.

    Young woman is sleeping in her bed

    4. Ambience Does Matter:

    Yes, those bright lights, warm-room will interfere with your sleep. A dark and cool room, is the key here. Turn-off your bedside lamp and other lights in the room before you head to bed. If there is any source of light from outside, then have your curtains concealing the light well. Use a tape or something to have the curtains as close to the windows as possible, so that light does not filter inside your bedroom. With light, managing the room temperature is also essential. Your room temperature should be low and not warm. Your body tells your brain to cool down as it is bed time and a warm ambience definitely works against it. Keep the room temperature close to 20-22 degree Celsius to enjoy a good night sleep.

    green pea cream soup in bowl with sprouts

    5. Eat Right, Before Bedtime:

    Early or light dinner before bedtime is good for your health and sleep. However, if it gets you growling just before bedtime, then add a glass of milk or fruit to have a proper sleep. Otherwise an empty stomach will work against. Avoid carbs, just combine fat and protein.

    Man doing yoga while listening to music on bed at bedroom

    6. Calm your Body:

    You need to give some signal to your body that it is bed time. If you are running around non-stop before bedtime, then body and mind will be in active state of mind. So, relax your body with some simple breathing exercise and then go to sleep. Inhale, hold and exhale for a few minutes before going to sleep.

    play hard play strong image

    7. Exercise & Get Tired:

    If you thought that sedentary job and mild movement during the day is tiring enough, then you got to review it. You may feel tired but a few minutes on the bed and your body can get back to work. So, tire it in the literal sense with some intense work out. Run, jog, gym or do any sport of your choice every day but definitely not close to bed time. Such exercises will help you to enjoy a good night sleep. Get your preferred workout gear from and get going for that run or gym every morning. Tweaking your habits, a little bit can help you sleep better and faster. You don’t need a major lifestyle change. Just a few changes and you will start sleeping and waking up well.

    young happy couple in white t-shirts waking up in the morning

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  4. Intermittent Fasting – Is it the Way to Be?

    Fasting is definitely not a fad. It is all about controlling you’re eating desires for a brief period of time. Nutritionist have started to advocate this ancient science for weight loss and better health. While, there is one school of nutrition propelling you to eat short meals in every two hours, there is another, which asks you to give a meal or two, a miss. Yes, Intermittent fasting is an ancient and re-discovered form of losing weight and gaining better health. There are studies, which suggest that intermittent fasting helps to reverse that Type 2 Diabetes, facilitating weight loss and giving you better energy levels. So, is intermittent fasting the way to be? Well maybe for some, while for others eating frequently and working out is the key.

    Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

    Burn that Fat:

    When you normally eat your meals, the chances of fat burning are minimal. But intermittent fasting can do it for you. When you fast, your body starts burning the stored fat, helping you shed those extra kilos with ease. But you should adopt it as a lifestyle change and not an interim one otherwise once you resume your normal eating schedule all the weight will come back. So, burn that fat and make intermittent fasting a part of your everyday routine.

    fat cube word on scale

    Facilitates Fat-Regulating Hormones:

    It increases your insulin sensitivity, helping you digest those carbs better, giving you better energy level. It improvises your human growth hormone that burns fat and makes better muscle. Further, it also increases your alertness level as it increases norepinephrine levels. So, enjoy better fat-regulation hormone with intermittent fasting.

    hand and heart shape abstract logo

    Overall Better Health:

    The chances of age-related health issues will reduce, manifold. Cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes may not ruin your old-age thanks to the intermittent fasting, lifestyle. It also takes care of your brain and protects against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. Intermittent fasting is known for giving you a better mood and improved memory.

    Types of Intermittent Fasting

    There are different types of intermittent fasting for which you can opt. For some people, it simply means consuming not more than 500-800 calories a day. While others observe a fast for 16 or 24 hours. If you plan to observe a fast for 16 hours, then you essentially take two major meals and one small meal. For instance, you can have lunch at 1pm, snacks between 3-4pm and then dinner by 8pm. From 8pm-1pm there will be no consumption of food in any form. While, for those who plan to keep it for up to 24 hours, should be happy with only major meal. So, you have your dinner tonight and then take it the next night after completing the 24 hours fast. You can explore for different types of fasting and detoxify your body on a day to day basis.

    Who Should Not Try

    Such a form of fasting whether for spiritual, religious or health reasons may not be apt for every individual. So, if you are on any kind of medication, illness, any dietary disorder, athlete, or looking to gain muscle mass, then this intermittent fasting is not meant for you.


    Furthermore, in any case, if you plan to bring about such a drastic lifestyle change, we suggest you must consult your doctor or a qualified nutritionist before you take the plunge. It is absolutely not advisable to start fasting without professional assistance. It is imperative that you know your body well, before taking the plunge.

    If you think or your nutritionist advises you against it, then it is perfectly good to go for a balanced diet and burn that stored fat with a form of workout you enjoy. With options aplenty, you can take up a sport, running, gym, Pilates, kick boxing, swimming and many other forms of workout and enjoy an equally good health. Sweat your way to happiness and treat yourself to good and healthy food every day. Working out gives you the much-needed zest. Dress bright and beautiful in workout wear from and hit the tracks every morning. Running in Bermuda shorts or comfy running track pants is something you are sure to love. So, embrace the morning sunshine and kick start your day with a wonderful run, each day.

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  5. A Beginners Guide to Running

    A Beginners Guide to Running

    Running is the perfect form of workout if you want to lose or maintain weight, stay healthy and feel better. But like any other form of workout, when you are taking the plunge for the first time you are bound to feel a bit anxious. How you should run? How much you should run? Will you be able to manage and feel well post a run? These are some of the questions, which keep haunting you. Hence, we design this running tips for beginners, it will make running easy and fun for you.

    Step 1: Fix a Run Time

    This is the first and most important step. You should analyze your complete routine and set a fixed running schedule every day and ensure that come what may you will plan things around it not in between. Preferably, setting a morning run routine is the safest, when the chances of other work propping-up is minimal. Decide a time and run at least 3-5 times a week.

    running stuff lined up on a wooden floor

    Step 2: Running Gear

    It is the ideal way of keeping you motivated and giving the initial push. For running, you don’t require a lot of gears. Simply, go for comfy running shoes and clothing. Don’t ever compromise on your running shoes. Invest in it liberally and change them after every 300-500 miles. Likewise, when it comes to your clothes, which you will wear for run, ensure simple and comfortable ones. If you can get the ones with sweat wicking feature, then nothing like it. This will help you run better and longer. You can get such sweat wicking t-shirts and tracks from Sporto has designed newfangled, sweat-wicking athlete tees that will keep the runners going this summer with ease. Designed to ensure sweat wicking and deodorizing function, sweat and odour will not spoil your game, ever again. You can explore the complete range at Buy sports jersey online from Sporto and run with ease.

    men in round neck t-shirt                men in v neck t-shirt

    Step 3: Fuel-Up

    Eat well to perform well should be your motto when you opt for running. A balanced diet is the key here. You just can’t compromise. Those carbs and fats are required to keep you going long and proteins for immediate wear and tear. So, have a wholesome meal each day that includes fruits, vegetables, wholegrains and lean protein.

    selection of healthy food

    Step 4: How to Run?

    Coming to the most daunting question, how to run? It is this one challenge that keeps many of us at bay. But is planning your run really that difficult. Well, not really, just listen to your body and go with the flow. There is no one rule for all. You can plan your run routine as per your convenience. Run and walk should be your way forward. Different experts have different suggestions, but one of the most prevalent and popular one suggests

    running guideline chart

    But consider it only a general guideline and you should follow as your body suggest. Don’t rush, don’t be harsh just go with the pace. And don’t walk when you are too tired, follow this table or listen to your body’s requirement and perform. Run a few minutes, then walk and repeat. It will help you build your stamina and gradually you should aim for more of running and less walking.

    Step 5: Be Patient

    When you take up any new activity, patience should be the key and it is definitely the thumb rule when it comes to running. Whether you plan to run for fitness, weight loss or the next marathon in your city, just go slow and steady. Slow runners are the best runners and stay calm and composed. You are bound to have bad days but that should not put you off. Just keep going. In the initial phase, getting to run should be the key, the posture, the miles and duration will follow suit. So, just keep going in the beginning.


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  6. Is Tracking your Food an Effective Way of Staying Healthy?

    You are what you eat. Eat well to feel well. These are not just paper tigers but sayings with truly effective meaning. If you eat well you’re bound to feel well. Every part of your body, the ligaments, bones and muscles are made up of nutrients. So, the better you eat, the better your body will be. Nourish it well to feel nurtured. However, eating right today has become a challenge for most of us. We eat whatever we grab. In such a scenario, maintaining a food diary, journal or using any digital medium for the purpose can work wonders in giving you a good health and facilitating your weight loss. Yes, writing what you eat can be an easy way of controlling those unwanted calories. Tracking your food makes you accountable and increases your awareness about your food and calorie intake. Here is how food tracking helps you stay fit and fine.

    1. Start Eating Right: In our busy schedules, we seldom forget to eat right. We can snack on anything, munch on chocolates and bars when stressed and grab outside food on our way back home. Such mindless eating has its negative impact on our body. We are feeding it with whatever we can get our hands on, giving rise to increase in weight and other health issues. So, pen-down all that you eat, each day and you are sure to treat your body, right. Those processed meals will be replaced by sumptuous meals, fruits and vegetables, and those chocolate cravings will also bid adieu.

    selection of healthy food

    2. Eat on Time: By writing what you eat, you can inculcate timely eating habit, which goes a long way in pushing that sluggish metabolism and facilitates in weight loss. It also increases your energy levels, helping you perform better at work, home and field. Start jotting down your meals and time it. Timing your meal is crucial for the best results.

    Clock with words time to eat on its face

    3. Portion Control: Along with eating good quality food at the right time, when you start jotting down what goes in and specify the quantity, then that too will come down. You will get to know how much does your body, actually need. That full plate rice will come down to half and those two chapatti requirement will also come down. When you right down what you eat, you must also write how you feel after consuming different foods in different quantity that will help you analyze your body requirement better.

    Healthy eating plate diagram. Breakfast, lunch and dinner

    4. Control those Calories: The food tracker is the ideal way to count those calories that will help you shed those extra kilos with ease. You should right all that you are eating in detail and the number of calories you get because of it.

    Calorie counting on a paper with calculator

    5. Dehydrated, No More: When you start writing down every meal and ounce of water going into your body, you will be able to control your water requirements better. As you increase that water intake, you will not only feel more energized but also benefit with better weight management.

    glasses of water with text "stay hydrated"

    6. Well Slept: With proper food and water intake, your sleep pattern will automatically fall in place. Lethargic and tired after eight hours of sleep will be bygone.

     man waking up fully rested

    So, the key to a fine living is eating healthy, drinking required quantity of water and sleeping well. Add some workout routine to it and you will surely feel wonderful. Adopt any workout practice, walking, yoga, gym, run or a game of your choice and feel the difference. You are sure to love the new you. And for starting a workout routine pamper yourself with some awesome sporty collection from the house of Sporto. From sports jersey to three fourths for men, you can get a complete range of sportswear at an affordable price. Wear your new clothes and kick start a new and fun workout routine. Check the complete collection at

    men in round neck t-shirt          man in capri

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