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  1. Yoga for Everyone, Everyday

    Yoga for Everyone, Everyday

    15000 decades old, yoga the celebrated form of workout is practiced the world over. The resolution passed in United Nations General Assembly to make 21st June, International Yoga Day, was the first ever resolution passed unanimously by all 170 countries. This gift of India to the world is nothing but pure magic, which every human being can experience with some practice over a course of time.

    Yoga is for everyone, every day. If you thought yoga is for women, then think again. It benefits everyone, mentally and physically, such is the holistic advantage of practicing yoga. Whether you are an athlete, sportsman, gym freak, just add the practice of yoga and feel the difference in your performance in other sports, as well. It nourishes your muscles and joints enabling you to play that other sport with ease. A complete body workout it nurtures you and your body completely and makes you perform at your best by relaxing your nervous system.

    Young couple doing yoga exercise outdoors at the beach pier

    Yoga is the way through which you can connect with your inner self. Have you ever counted or deeply felt inhaling and exhaling? Well, with yoga you can literally count each breathe, feel what it is to be truly yourself. This deep breathing, makes you balanced, at ease with yourself and deal better with stress. The complete awareness that yoga helps create about your present self is simply magical. It connects you with your present self mystically.

    Injured or want to prevent an injury, yoga works well both ways. There are yoga poses designed to take care of your spine, muscles and back. So, whether you have that disc issue or injured some ligament, while running, please go ahead with your yoga class, as it will only heal you. It is the healing properties of yoga, which has made it the best form of workout the world over, since times immemorial. Yoga takes care of your knee injuries caused by intense running and shoulder and neck stiffness issues which strike you each day, due to your desk job. Such and more health issues can be solved easily with regular practice of yoga.

    Moreover, when it comes to yoga it is not about challenging yourself or others around. It is all about feeling calm and composed. There are no competitors, no ego issues involved. Whether you practice it alone or in a group, yoga is an individual practice. If your partner stretched more than you, don’t compare as yoga is doing things at your own ease. Stretch, inhale and exhale as you like and as much as you can do. There are no strings attached. Just feel the stretch and deep breathing and feel relaxed at the end of it. There are different poses for different body parts and you need to feel stress-free in that body part after performing that pose or asana.

    So, to gain the strength, flexibility and balance you need to practice your yoga poses each day. But if you keep thinking of starting it from tomorrow, so that you can continue uninterrupted, then just think again. It is better to do it at least one day, instead of postponing it endlessly. There is no right time to start, just when you decide simply get going. It’s many benefits will ensure that you don’t access the pause button. And there is no better date, than tomorrow to start your practice of yoga. There are billions of yoga practitioners the world over and the International Yoga Day can be just ideal for you to get started too and join the billion-member yoga club.

    Embrace yoga for a healthy living. Get yourself some comfortable yoga tracks and tees and enjoy each stretch, each pose. You can buy track pants for yoga and round neck t shirt online from There is a complete range of yoga wear at and you can choose the best for yourself from the comfort of your home.


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  2. Fit Father, Set a Different Goal this Father’s Day

    Being a father is a different kind of feeling, altogether. The sheer joy and happiness of being addressed as a father is something that you feel, only when you first see your child and later hear your munchkin call you papa, dada, daddy. But being a father, calls upon new responsibilities on you. Being your kid’s super hero is always on your mind, but it should not be at the cost of your health. Getting fit should be your target as a father, so you can inculcate the habit in your little girl and boy too.

    Once a parent, always a parent. Between your unpredictable sleep schedules and trying to help your wife, you always try to spend the remaining time with your little one and the idea of fitness keeps getting down the priority list. Those Sunday matches, often go amiss and you keep sinking into a sedentary lifestyle. But does parenthood mean, leaving yourself behind or forgetting your health? Well, it should be vice versa, you should take good care of yourself, so that you can look after your kids better. Moreover, parents are the first role models for kids. So, if they will see you hitting the gym or going for a run with them every day, they too will pursue an active and healthy lifestyle.

    young man doing morning yoga exercises

    Make your mission of being fit and healthy, the goal this father’s day and set the right trend in your house. We share some tips with you how you can bring back the active lifestyle with a kid at home.

    1. Start at Home: If you haven’t been to the gym in a while or played your favourite game, then instead of hitting the treadmill or tracks, it is better you start with some form of workout at home. While, playing with your munchkin, you can try some push-up’s and squats. Even if it is for a few minutes, it is a good start. Build your stamina gradually and enjoy a good health.

    2. Partner Hunt: You should look for a partner in crime as it is a great way of staying fit. Not able to match your schedule with fellow fathers? Don’t worry, ask you wife and working out together will be a great way to give each other sometime. Maybe, when the child sleeps you can schedule your aerobics or yoga at home. Otherwise, if you have a school going kid, then after sending the kid, you can enjoy running in open or try a gym session, together.

    Man and woman drinking water in health club

    3. Plan Outdoors: Shift your weekend plans from malls and cinema to outdoors. Kids love playing outdoors, so a picnic plan or biking session will keep you on your toes and your kids will love their weekends too. Take home cooked food for picnics, some toys and games, which you can play with your kids. The rule is simple your kids do what you do. So, eat those veggies and they will eat them too. Likewise, go biking with them over the weekends and you will see your young biker pacing up too. It is easy to inculcate habits in kids at a tender age. Teach them the skill of staying fit when young.

    Father And Children On Cycle Ride

    4. Eat Home cooked food, eat healthy:Along with a disciplined workout schedule, it is important that you encourage your kids to have home cooked food. It is a great way of staying fit and healthy. Bring on those veggies and fruits into your diet instead of junk food. Your kids will develop the same taste and likings, and the chances of their getting obese later will be minimal.

    Family Enjoying Breakfast At Picnic

    The right food and workout schedule will go a long way in keeping you fit and active. You can enjoy more with your kids and they will love their young dad, playing and frolicking with them. So, set major fitness goals this Father’s Day and be your kids Super Hero.

    To get going, bring those comfy sports track pants, capri shorts and sports jersey online in your wardrobe and start your workout routine now. Gift yourself sports merchandise from and be the father you would want your kids to be. A Happy Father’s Day!

    daughter kiss dad and giving greeting card

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  3. 5 Top Reasons why you should Dance?

    Dance, Dance, Dance it is the perfect form of workout, of strengthening, of de-stressing. Just do it from the heart, with love and you will not find a better companion. Dance has its many benefits and you can’t stop once you start. Just dance as no one is watching you and you will enjoy it to the maximum. Free moves, free spirit, dancing will help you, your mood and your body. Here are the top 5 reasons, why should take up dancing?

    1. A dancer’s body, you will envy: If you start dancing, you will start loving your body more than ever. You work out your muscles completely while dancing, strengthen that core of yours and build your stamina like never before. Dancing is one form of workout in which you work your muscles in a way that they stretch as much. So, for those long and lean body muscles, you need to start dancing.

    Fitness class exercising in the studio at the gym

    2. A Potpourri of Emotions: When you dance you experience an outburst of various emotions. You experience happiness, sadness, confused and cool state of mind. Dancing brings out your emotions and sets you free. Yes, that’s the beauty of dancing and which is why we say it is the best stress buster. So, next time when you are feeling stressed, you know you need to hit the dance floor and set yourself free.

    3. A Confident You: The pressure of performance brings out the best in a person. When it comes to dance you are either performing on stage or in front of your bedroom mirror, and that fear haunts each one of us. We all have that stage fear and your first dance performance helps you overcome it bringing out the confident you. Dancing boosts your self-confidence manifold and changes you and your personality, completely.

    Man and woman in passionate dance pose

    4. A Social Animal: You may be sitting home every weekend but once you start dancing you are sure to make new friends and start socializing. Rather picking up a dance class over a weekend itself can be a fab idea. You will stay in shape and have something productive to do every weekend. Moreover, once you start dancing you will start looking forward to those weekends like never before.

    5. A Better Fitness Personnel: When you start dancing you become more and more aware about your body, your muscles and go on to become better fitness personnel. Your listening skills also hone up and you start performing better in other sports as well. Moreover, dance workout is considered great for athletes as it’s a low impact activity protecting and polishing your joints all the time.

    Dancing happy couples learning swing at dance class

    There are many ways of working out. It is essential that you take up some form of workout and keep yourself in good shape. It can be dancing, running, cycling just anything that you like but it is essential that you pursue something to torch those calories and stay active.

    Get yourself some comfortable clothing and start the workout of your choice. Young, old, male, female these are absolutely no restraints when it comes to dancing or any other form of fitness. Just do what you like and just do with your heart and you are sure to enjoy that good health. If you are looking for workout wear for that dance or gym class, then Sporto can be your one browsing site for all your sports clothing requirement. Buy track pants online, capri pants, and round neck t shirts online for your dance class you will be good to go. You can get all these and much more at So, start shopping for your class, today.

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  4. Find Peace, Find Yourself Amidst Everyday Chaos

    Life is crazy for us these days. We are constantly shuttling between work, family and friends. The peer pressure is at an all-time high for just about everyone. Just look around and you will see everyone running around and chasing their ambitious dreams. There is haste and craziness all around and we are a part of it too. But how to calm yourself and be yourself, amidst this everyday chaos, everyday madness. Is this chaos taking over you, now? Do you remember the last time you felt at peace? Well, finding solitude is afar for most of us. So, the greatest gift you can give to yourself is some peace, some seclusion by means of meditation. It is absolute bliss, the perfect way of calming yourself and being yourself.

    Meditation, The Way to Be

    Meditation isn’t new, it’s been a hot trend in the wellness world since times immemorial. No, we are not asking you to go to the Himalayas or dress like a yogi and sit in one place for hours in quest to find yourself or some inner peace. All you need is sometime from your busy schedule and a quiet spot anywhere. Maybe, 5 minutes a day in the morning or late at night. Meditation is about freeing you. It is not to restrain or force any hardship upon you. It is simple, some lone time for yourself, until you smile and feel relaxed.


    Well, this is not yoga that you need to stretch or breathe in a particular fashion. It is not gym that you need to be careful before you tear a muscle or run where you may feel breathless if you push too hard. Meditation is the science of calming you. It’s your quest to make you at peace with yourself, just being yourself.

     people meditating in lotus position

    Techniques for meditation? Well do it as you like. You can spare 5 minutes, well that is sufficient. Don’t wish to sit beyond 2 minutes, well call it off. You don’t need to push yourself. Simply find a quiet corner in your house and give yourself some time. If you really wish to time it, then use a stopwatch but you are sure to give it up after a while. The key in mediation is not the time, the place or attire. It’s just about being conscious. Be alert, be conscious until you dwell into the sub conscious you. Yes, that’s the art, the beauty of meditation.

    If you think, sitting for a while quietly will make you restless, then meditate as you walk. Yes, a simple stroll in your backyard or garden can be the way. Feel the fresh air and feel it becoming a part of you. Just walk on the green grass and feel it. Focus and feel till it becomes one with you. It is about being alert, being present and feeling it.

    The Reason Behind this Seclusion

    But we suggest you do it alone. Like other sports you don’t need a partner to do this. It is simple, effective and best done alone. You can gift yourself some peace, some happiness only on your own. If you really need an ambience, then settle into comfortable clothing, tracks and tees, Bermuda and t-shirt and just sit with your spine straight. Try to focus on yourself, your breathing and gradually you will be calm, composed and in a state of deep breathing where you will not have count of anything, that’s the state of meditation. It may not happen immediately it will take a while but you will soon experience something you would have never experienced before.

    If what you wear does affect you, we suggest you check for cool and comfortable clothing from You can buy track pants, stylish v neck t shirts, or three fourth for mens and practice meditation at ease. Get this comfy clothing line from, after all it is all about being sporty in mind and spirit.

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  5. Tips to Beat the Stress, With Ease

    Dear Stress,

    Let’s Break-Up!

    We all have been trying to break-up with stress. Life is becoming increasingly stressful for everyone around. From work to home, you are always busy chasing things, which creates stress all the time. The madness begins in the morning and goes well until night. If you simply look around, you will find that rush, that craziness in almost everyone and intentionally or unintentionally you are suffering from stress. There is work, relationship, finance and many other kinds of stress that people have to deal with on a day to day basis. While, some stress is natural and healthy for you, other can be exhausting and can affect your health.

    Before we go into sharing tips on how to deal with stress effectively, it is essential that you understand the different ways in which your body gets stressed. If it is work that is giving you stress, then your body is being affected mentally. Yes, you are having mental stress all the time. While, if you run that extra mile or workout with heavy weights, then you are stressing your body, physically. And whether it is mental or physical stress, after a point it will have its impact on your body and overall well-being.

    Checking the blood pressure with a modern digital equipment

    So, if you notice that anxious behavior, more sweating or if you start breathing quickly, then it’s an alarm signal. You need to take cognizance of your stressed situation, now. Other than these visible signs of stress, your heart rate and blood pressure will also go up. Furthermore, stress levels also impact your hormones and metabolism levels. It is for this reason that you feel loss of appetite or hunger pangs when stressed. Other ways in which stress can impact your body includes, sharpening of vision, muscle getting tensed and loss of sense of pain.

    But don’t worry, it is best to take cognizance of the situation and deal with stress, before it starts dealing with you in various ways. There are various natural means that can give you the results, quickly.

    1. Try to assess what triggers your body’s relaxation response as it instantly brings down your blood pressure levels. Whether it is meditation, deep breathing, yoga, playing with your baby or strolling with your pet in the park, just give it a try, whatever works, and instantly feel relieved.

    Owner and Labrador dog walking in city

    2. The food you eat also plays an important role. Healthy food can make you feel better and de-stressed. Try including those green leafy veggies, raw veggies, whole grains and a platter full of protein like fish, nuts, dairy and lean meat. Start your morning with a fresh fruit instead of black coffee or tea. In addition, you can also try consulting your physician and include a multi-vitamin dose every day. It becomes essential as your vitamin and nutrient levels start depleting when you are stressed, making you feel vulnerable and irritated. So, a dose of multi-vitamin in addition to fresh fruits and veggies will help you cope better instead of relying on chocolates and junks to kill your stress created hunger pangs.

    salad with fresh fruits and berries

    3. Don’t forget to work out. Hit the gym, the track and give yourself a stress-free hour. The benefit of work out is that you stay distracted at least for that one hour and it helps you to relive muscle tension and breathe freely. Working out prepares you to deal better with every day stress caused by work or relationship.

    Men with battle rope in functional training fitness gym

    Try these tips and feel the difference in your overall well-being. And when it comes to choosing your workout gear, then look no further than From cool lower for men to sporty round neck t shirts for mens, you can get everything home delivered for a fab workout session. Moreover, the right workout gear will give you that push to get going every day for your gym or run. Try to understand the kind of stress your body is suffering and deal with it holistically.


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