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  1. Should you Exercise When you have Cold?

    With the onset of monsoon, one is prone to catching common cold and flu. This makes it important that you exercise during monsoons as exercising is great, it helps you stay fit and boosts your immune system. But what if you feel you have that cold coming your way? Or you are already suffering from one? In such a scenario, it becomes important to think rationally whether should you exercise with a cold or give it a miss?

    Well, first and foremost, it is essential that you listen to your body. Even if you are all ready for that gym session, but your body is signalling otherwise, it is okay to call it a day. So, the first rule should be following your own gut and listening to your body. It is your body, which knows the best whether you should be exercising with a cold.

    If you are convinced you can work out, then continue with your plan. But start slow as against your everyday routine. If after 10-15 minutes of working out, you feel tired or restless, then simply stop. However, if you are feeling like any other day, then you can go with the flow. We still suggest, you work out a little less as against your everyday routine. Sometimes, when you are in the flow you don’t realise that your body is not able to take it. So, don’t repent later, rather go slow and steady.

    The above remains in a scenario where you have only a mild cold and cough or you have a feeling that you might get one. However, if your cough or cold is slightly aggravated or you have a fever, then simply skip exercise. It will not benefit rather it can make things complex. In fact, after you feel you are alright, give yourself a few days of recovery time. Try to avoid working out with a cold, maybe if you feel like, just do simply stretches at home or go for a stroll. But keep it light during the recovery phase.

    Moreover, you need to ensure that your cough and cold does not infect others. Infections are most likely to be spread during the initial three days. So, it is best to avoid working out in a public space like a gym or yoga class. Others might also bear the brunt of your infection. In fact, as a precautionary measure, you should carry wet wipes with you if you feel that you might get a cold and use it in case of sneezing or coughing, and keep sanitizing your hands.

    Otherwise, when you are suffering from cold or feel you might get one, then staying at home and exercising can be a great option too. Put music of your choice and exercise or practice yoga at ease. This way you won’t skip your exercise ritual and can do things as per your comfort level.


    In addition, you must customize your wardrobe with monsoon sportswear. Check for full sleeves shirts online and jogger pants. For running, you can go for complete athletic jersey sets. This way you also get protection against mosquitoes during monsoon season.

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  2. 7 Tips to Stay Fit During Monsoon

    7 Tips to Stay Fit During Monsoon

    Being consistent in your workout plans is a challenge. You may love that yoga class, but once in a while you feel like giving it a miss. We keep making tall plans and try to stick to it, but there comes the monsoon forcing us to stay indoors and giving us just the reason to ditch our workout plans. What if we tell you to ditch that workout session is actually ditching your health in the long run? And monsoon should not act as a hindrance rather it should motivate you to step out, soak in the rain and stay fit. We give you easy to incorporate monsoon health tips that will help you work out with ease, this monsoon season.

    1. Stick to Your Schedule:

    Studies suggest if you manage to stick to a schedule for 21 days, then it becomes a part of your routine. So, if you worked out for last 21 days or 2 months, don’t let the monsoon spoil your plan. Venture out in the rain or workout at home, but do it, don’t give it a miss.

    Workout Plan In Notebook At Wooden Desk

    2. Outdoors Can Be Still Fun Too:

    Monsoon doesn’t mean you can’t step out. Rather, try running in the rain, of course with the right footwear, and you are sure to love it. Otherwise, once the rain stops, you can go out for your run or walk. The breeze will be more than inviting and you will surely enjoy your run.

    Runner woman running in Park in the rain

    3. Keep the Moisture Wicking:

    With moisture wicking workout gears in vogue, sweating profusely and not being able to workout is not an acceptable excuse. Get the right monsoon wear and keep up your workout plans in place. The sweat will no longer make you fret. Those sweat wicking tees will absorb the moisture quickly and help you going strong for long.

    4. Have a Plan B:

    If you don’t like going out during monsoon, then look for indoor workout options. A Zumba or cross functional training class nearby or a gym in the vicinity? Give it a try and keep looking for more options. If going out is not an option at all, then make a list of your favourite workouts and practice them for 45 minutes at least five times a week. You can use that excel for your workout plan on how to stay fit this monsoon as well, keep modifying, keep making it interesting to have you going smooth this monsoon.

    functional fitness workout at the gym with medicine ball

    5. Say Yes to Comfort Food:

    Sometimes it is best to say yes to certain things rather than avoiding it and comfort food definitely falls in this category. The more you try avoiding that samosa, bhajji or pakora, the more you will end up having. After all, fried food in optimum quantity is fine during monsoon. So, that one or two pieces of pakora or sharing that samosa with your friend is fine as long as you don’t have it every day and in too much quantity. Instead of avoiding it, eat and relish that one piece of fried, oops comfort food.

    Crispy onion bhajis

    6. Yoga for Every Season:

    The best form of workout, yoga gives you the strength to fight against those respiratory diseases that can affect you during monsoon. So, practice yoga once or twice a week to stay fit and strong. You should especially look for those yoga postures and pranayamas that will help you contain these respiratory problems and enjoy the rainy season to the max.

    Silhouette of young man doing yoga at sunset beach

    7. Vitamins, A Must:

    To fight those coughs, colds and other respiratory issues during monsoon, adding vitamins to your diet is crucial. And why go the pill way, when there is so much you can do the natural way. Add vitamin rich fruits and vegetables to your platter in the form of hot soups and curries and pamper your taste buds, while enjoying good health.

    Use these easy means and tips to stay fit during monsoon. Get the right sports gear and stay consistent with your workout plans. If you are looking for sweat wicking tees to keep you going this monsoon, then check the collection at No don’t worry, we know it’s pouring outside, so we will come home to deliver your sports gear and have you going strong and fit, this monsoon season.

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