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  1. 5 Breakfast Nutrition Mistakes You Need To Avoid

    “I’ll eat some breakfast, then change the world”, should be everyone’s belief. Such is the significance of breakfast for human body. Studies suggest, people who eat a healthy breakfast properly weigh less. Those who avoid breakfast tend to have high-calorie food for lunch and dinner. But breakfast doesn’t mean any breakfast, you need to have a healthy and nutritious one.

    Here are 5 common breakfast nutrition related mistakes, which we tend to make on an everyday basis.

    Mistake 1: Breakfast On-the-Go: We either get up late or don’t feel like preparing breakfast? Isn’t this a common scenario and then we pick anything on our way to work? And even worse eat it on our way. That bakery stuff, which you eat while commuting to work is unhealthy for you and eating when traveling is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Once in a while it is fine, but when you eat without paying attention to your food, every day you end up consuming more calories and indulge in mindless eating. Studies suggest, walking distracts your brain and you end up eating more. Moreover, you will not chew your food properly, leading to digestive problems.

    Suggestion: You can start preparing your breakfast the night before or go for quick breakfast options. A smoothie, a fruit pudding, or prepare something quick from the leftover of the previous night. These are easy to make breakfast options, which you can eat from the comfort of your home.

    Mistake 2: Skipping Fibre: You need a nutritious breakfast to give that energy boost to your body. It is without food for a very long time. But having a sugar and carbohydrate rich breakfast will give your body that sudden energy boost, which will drop soon. A sugar rich breakfast will increase your blood sugar level, but drop down. Likewise, carbohydrates are easy to digest and you will be hungry, sooner than you can think. So, sugary breakfast cereals are not the option, every day. Think of including fibre rich foods in your breakfast. Fibre swells up your stomach and takes longer time to travel to your intestine as against carbohydrates keeping you full for long.

    Suggestion: Bring oatmeal, legumes, vegetables and whole grain products in your breakfast. The fibre will not only help you keep a check on your weight, but also keep intestine healthy and lower the risk of diabetes and colon cancer. On an average a human body needs 30 grams of fibre, so include some in your breakfast and kick start the day on a healthy note.

    Mistake 3: Are Proteins a Miss: Proteins make you feel full for longer and curb your food cravings, as well. So, including this macronutrient in your breakfast is a must. And as far as possible, try to include good sources of protein in your breakfast options to stay lean and healthy.

    Suggestion: A vegetable omelette will take care of your fibre and protein requirement. You can also include oatmeal with yogurt, banana, Chia seeds, and whole grain toast with peanut butter. If there is a time crunch, then simply blend a smoothie and have it quick.

    Mistake 4: Not Including Fat: If you though fat will make you fat, then it’s time you rethink and reconsider. There are plenty of healthy fat options, which you must include in your breakfast ideas as they taste great and keep you full for long.

    Suggestion: Include seeds, nut butter, and yogurt in your breakfast. These are healthy fat options and should be an integral part of your diet.

    Mistake 5: Eating Less: It is either the desire to lose weight or lack of time because of which you end up eating less and have a growling stomach way before lunch time. So eating less is not the way rather you need to eat right and eat well. This way you will get your body metabolism going and have a healthy start to your day. And as much as possible go natural. Make fresh vegetables and fruits a part of your healthy breakfast foods list too.

    Suggestion: Eat a balanced and proper diet and eat well. Don’t over eat, but under eating will also be harmful.

    Breakfast is essential and have a balanced and complete meal. Include healthy carbohydrates, fats, proteins and fibre in your breakfast and give your body the right fuel every morning. Fill up your plate with natural foods and eat with concentration before you get going rather instead of skipping breakfast.  

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  2. Fit and Fabulous You In 4 Weeks

    Fit and Fabulous You In 4 Weeks

    In just a few weeks, the festivals will begin and we all want to look fit and fab. It’s time of the year when you meet your friends, family and acquaintances, and the last thing you want to hear is that “Oh, you have that paunch!”, “You were so fit last Diwali, what happened to you!”. Such and other remarks turn you off. So, now is the time to act and get back in shape before those Garba nights and Diwali parties start. These festivities will start in a few weeks and last until New Years, so look good, feel good and get the best compliments from one and all.

    Let’s help you shed those extra kilos and get fit and fabulous in 4 weeks.

    Goal Setting: If you thought you can lose 20 kg before Diwali, well that is not realistic and healthy. So, we suggest you keep a simple and achievable target to lose weight in 4 weeks. Let’s say 1 kg per week, so maybe 4 kg in 4 weeks. But let’s leave this for you to decide as to achieve such a target you will need to minus calories and add workout to your daily routine. Studies suggest, if 1 kg weight loss per week is your target, then you need to cut at least 7000 calories a week. And you can achieve such a target with the right combination of food and exercise.

    Get Moving: Help your partner in cooking, play with your little one, clean the house or simply go shopping to shed those extra kilos. The idea is to stay active and not sit in front of the TV or your comp during your free time. Otherwise, simply go for a stroll, you don’t always need to go for a brisk walk. A simple, long stroll is also a fat burning workout.

    Eat Healthy: This is a must if you want to lose weight and that too in a short span of time. If you are thinking how to make body fit, gradually, go for a lifestyle change. Try having a fruit in the morning or early afternoon when you are hungry. Start carrying salad bowls instead of chips and fries for in between snacking. Have your dinner early and if hungry before bedtime, settle with a glass of warm milk. You will sleep well while counting your calories as well. Along with this, avoid artificial juices, sugary and salty snacks. Plan your meals between 250-400 calories depending upon your physical activity. Replace tea, coffee and juice with water. Each time you crave for that juice, have some water, instead.

    Exercise, A Must: Take up any form of exercise, which you prefer. There is nothing like the best workouts to lose weight list. Running, jogging, gym, swimming, just indulge in some form of workout and shed those extra calories and kilos. It is said, “150 minutes of workout are just good, per week”. So, if you think it is difficult to get out of the bed on Monday morning, dedicate extra minutes over the weekend to cover up the loss. Alternatively, you can make Monday’s rest days.

    When it comes to losing weight, your planning and dedication is the key to success. You need to decide a 4-week diet plan for weight loss, when to exercise, what kind of meals to plan and correspondingly how much weight loss to expect. Your weight loss journey is all about the food you eat, when you eat and if you work out. The right combination of food and workout will help you achieve better weight loss results in a span of 4 weeks, itself. Stay consistent, patient and motivated and get fit and fabulous in 4 weeks. To help you stay motivated, we will have such and more blog reads for you and a fantastic range of sportswear to keep you charged-up. Buy new capris and tracks from and team it with your favourite colour T-Shirt. Sporto brings affordable, stylish and trendy sportswear. Browse for the range @ and indulge in full body workout for weight loss.

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  3. What’s the Best Way to Start Losing Weight ?

    The weight loss diet plan is never an easy one for anyone us. Losing weight is tough and then maintaining it is even more difficult is a fact, well-acknowledged. Moreover, the biggest challenge remains on how to get started. Thursday, I have a meeting, so will start on Friday? Oh, the weekend is here, let’s get started on Monday? And then the Monday Blues make you hit the restaurant again instead of the gym? Such and other excuses keep popping up and we are never in the position to get started. Even when we do start and end up having that cake for lunch and the cocktail at dinner, we call it off. So, how to get started and have a sustainable weight loss, such and more weight loss issues can be tackled with the below means.

    1. Start Deciding: Let that vacation or cousin’s marriage not be the excuse or motivation to lose weight. You need to decide, make a long term plan and stay committed. The decision should be in a good health, not because your friend is losing weight, so you should lose it too. Well, finding a weight loss diet plan or companion is great, but you should decide on your own, for your own. I need to live a healthy life, so I must lose weight. Such and other factors should influence your decision of losing weight.

    2. Start Walking:Low-impact, low-risk and low-stress form of fat burner anyone can start walking anytime. You just need to get going. It is one of the best weight loss exercise. Can’t fix a time, it is fine. Just go whenever you get time. Plug-in your podcast or simply soak in the nature’s music and walk for as much time as you can. Give yourself small targets and try to achieve them. Say, 20 minutes of walking in the beginning is good enough and then maybe you can target 30 or 40 minutes. No gear, nothing is required, just wear your shoes and get going.

    Close up of girl shoes walking

    3. Start Visioning: Give a vision to your plan to lose weight fast. It is one of the easiest and best ways of staying motivated. Whether it is your best friend who has achieved the weight loss target or your favourite celebrity, put pictures and get inspired day in day out. Even if you aspire to have a figure like someone, you can put pictures of that person for your inspiration.

    man drinking water with his eyes closed after exercises

    4. Start Drinking, Water Only: Each time you feel you are hungry, try to have some water first. It is an easy way to lose weight and knowing whether you are really hungry or it was thirst. Along with this, you need to contain your craving for those flavoured drinks and beverages. Just have water whenever you want and as much as you want. Consuming artificial sweeteners in the form of beverages can only increase your cravings. Try to have 35-40 ml water per kg of body weight. In addition, have another 500-1000 ml per hour of exercise.

    5. Start Tracking: It is a great tip for weight loss as by knowing what you are eating and how much calories you are adding. Many a times we are overeating or eating less and we don’t even know about it. Start tracking, download any application, feed all that you had through the day and learn about the calorie intake. This way you can make some alterations each time you have that slice of cake and start leading a healthy lifestyle.

    close up of male hands having meat and vegetables for dinner

    6. Start Eating Consciously: Eating mindlessly while watching TV or browsing the web is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Try to be present while eating. See your food carefully, chew it properly and feel it go down into your tummy. This way you will relish your food more than ever and start eating far less. When you chew your food properly the digestion also starts happening fast and it is right and effective way to lose weight as you start eating less.

    There is no one means, which can be perfect for everyone. Maybe, try one of the above means at a time. Don’t push yourself too hard. Lifestyle changes take time, so go slow and take up one thing at a time. A balanced and nutritious diet with some form of exercise can go a long way in keeping you healthy. Start shopping for healthy food options and workout wear and get going. For some cool, colourful and affordable sportswear check the range at

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  4. Stay Charged-Up with Power Nap

    Stay Charged-Up with Power Nap

    Do you feel tired despite that 8-hour long night’s sleep? Or heading straight to the coffee vending machine is the only alternative post lunch? Well, if this is the case with you, then a catnap is all you need to stay charged through the day. Yes, research has proven that a power nap can keep you going fresh for long and you can manage to even 6-hours of night sleep. It is much needed for kids and adults. Here are the many benefits of a power nap, which make it a must in everyone’s routine.

    1. 1. Stay Fresh, Work Better: Studies reveal that 15 to 30 minutes of sleep will make you feel fresh and help you work faster and better. So, instead of dragging your work, it is better you take a power nap and finish-up fast. Sleeping for a short interval during the day can charge-up your brain and make you perform better at work. Some studies indicate that 60 to 90 minutes of siesta can charge-up your brain to as much as 8-hours of sleep.
    2. 2. Enjoy Good Health: That nap at noon lowers the risk of blood pressure and heart attack. Enjoy good health and reap the benefits of power nap. Some research indicates that it also decreases the requirement of “antihypertensive drugs”. So, that afternoon siesta is also the way to a healthy you.
    3. 3. Goodbye Mood Swings: If those mood swings have started to irk you, then give napping a try. It is a great way to stay fresh and active, and take care of your oscillating mood. One reason could be that it reduces your stress levels, keeping you in a happy go lucky mood all the time.
    4. 4. Less Chance of Mistakes: By making you alert and enhancing your performance level, the chances of mistakes and accidents also reduce significantly if you take a power nap. When you are charged up you will be more focussed, eliminating the chance of misses at work. “A study by NASA on sleepy military pilots and astronauts, found that 40 minutes of sleep made them 100% alert and improved performance by 34%”.

    So, live stress-free and an improved quality of life with a catnap every day. But if you are one of those who can’t sleep with sunlight filtering inside a room or noisy space, then here are ways how you can take a power nap and make it a part of your routine.

    1. 1. Schedule Sleep: You should fix a time and sleep every day at the same time. This will help your body get used to it and you will be able to sleep with ease. Ideally, it is said that 7 hours after waking up should be your siesta time. But considering your work schedule you should time it in a way that you sleep at the same time, every day. Try to keep the time between 1-3pm, as far as possible as your power nap time.
    2. 2. Go Dark: Bring those curtains and blinds to use for this time, whether at home or office. It is far easy to sleep in a dark room. Otherwise, keep an eye mask for blocking light and sleeping fast.
    3. 3. Stay Warm: If at home, then pull over a blanket and sleep cosy and warm. However, when in office, you can wear socks and sleep warm.

    And don’t forget to put the alarm, if you think you will doze off completely. It’s a nap after all and you need to wake-up within a stipulated time-frame. Bring the alarm feature of your mobile phone to use and wake up fresh.

    Staying active and charged-up, while giving your best at home and work is the need of the hour. Such means can definitely come to your aid and keep you more productive and healthy. Try to keep a power nap time, workout time and some me time from your busy schedule and see how beautifully you start excelling, everywhere.

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