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  1. How to Sleep Better Tonight

    How to Sleep Better Tonight

    A good night’s sleep is essential for everyone. Whether you live a sedentary life or you are an athlete, your everyday performance will be impacted due to poor sleep. Sound sleep and even nap for that matter is important because when you sleep your body releases growth hormone, which repairs your muscles and benefits in various physiological processes. It is for this reason that some people swear by 8 or even 9 hours of sleep for maximizing their potential. But, not everyone has that kind of time. So, instead of increasing the sleep time it is essential to learn ways to sleep better.

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  2. Do you Swear by Walking?

    Do you Swear by Walking?

    When it comes to exercising, walking doesn’t always get the respect it actually deserves. If you have so far been following that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then it is time you try the same for walking. From losing weight to de-stressing, benefits of walking are many, which you can experience only after you start doing it consistently. Yes, consistency is the key for any physical activity and the same holds true for walking. From taking care of your mood swings to chronic diseases, walking can help you in your overall well-being.Below are the many benefits of walking and you will also start swearing by it.

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  3. 4 Tips to Level up Your Core

    4 Tips to Level up Your Core

    Having a strong core is on your mind? Looking for ways to speed up the progress? Yes, time can seem to be passing very slowly when you are on a mission of strengthening your core. So, some means need to be adopted to provide you with quick, visible results from the core exercises. Making your core strong is extremely important, thanks to its many benefits. It’s a strong core that will help you perform your best at the gym, field and even your daily chores. If you want to avoid that back pain, then start strengthening your core. If you want to have the perfect body posture, then also work on your core. But, how to work on levelling it up. There is definitely more than just doing more repetitions or adding weight. Below are 4 tips that can come handy and help you in having a core you always wanted. 

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  4. 5 Small Yet Significant Ways to Burn Calories

    You hit the gym every morning? You indulge in clean eating and portion control? These big changes are significant and will help you achieve your weight loss target in the long run. But, if you want to see visible results faster, then doing a little extra can be amazingly beneficial. There is an old Hungarian proverb, “Many small things can add up a big one”. So, along with your daily fitness regime and clean eating habits, if you adopt these 5 changes you can get significant results on your calories burn chart. Here are 5 small yet significant ways of burning calories.

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