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  1. Workout Tips When Air Pollution Levels Soar

    With the festival season around the corner, pushing yourself for the run, jog or workout every day starts becoming a challenge. Making matters concern worthy and hindering your workout goals will also be the soaring pollution levels in your city. Soon after Dussehra, the pollution levels start increasing and reach new heights post-Diwali. Autumn season synonymous with pleasant climate is apt for working out. However, the pollution levels make you decide otherwise. While exercising has its own set of benefits but can it be beneficial for you when the pollution in your city is falling in poor, very poor or severe category? Does running outside with bad air quality affects your lungs negatively?

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  2. Workout & Fitness Wear Tips for Fall

    Workout & Fitness Wear Tips for Fall

    Fall is a happy season. After sweating out indoors and protecting yourself against the summer sun and sweaty rainy season, it is finally the time of the year to workout outdoors. Take up the sport, the exercise of your choice and bend the way you like. The little chill you experience in the morning and evening can be taken care by wearing just a light jacket or sweatshirt. However, before the super chilly winters set, settle into your new workout routine and buy the new fitness wear to keep you going warm and strong through the autumn and winter season.

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  3. 9 Moves, 9 Changes You Need to Make During Navratri

    With the onset of Navratri, commences the holy month for Hindus. The period of festivities begins with the worshipping of goddess Durga for 9 days, which culminates with Dusherra celebrations. During these 9 days, many people observe fasting and refrain from consuming non-vegetarian food and alcohol. However, with so many and different food options that one can consume during this period, the fasting often leads to feasting. From indulging in fried food to eating high-calorie sweets, instead of shedding a few kilos at the end of the 9 days’ people tend to gain weight. So, let’s make this Navratri different for you. While retaining the essence of this festival, make these 9 moves and changes, and get the many therapeutic benefits of fasting and of a quick weight loss.

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  4. Reason Why You Should Weigh Yourself Every Day

    Are you on a weight loss mission? Are you trying different diets and workouts? Well, a weight loss journey is never an easy one. There are lots of dietary modifications and exercises that you need to try to get the desired results. Along with these modifications, taking inch measurements and weighing yourself is essential. However, should you weigh yourself every day, once a week or monthly? Here are some reasons why weighing yourself every day can be helpful in your weight loss journey.

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