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  1. Should you Stop Exercising During Winters?

    The winter season is here! The temperatures are continuously dipping, and the chilly breeze is gripping. When even stepping out of the home gets tough, working out is the last thing that will come to your mind during this cold season. So, is it okay to stop exercising during winters? The cold season stays at its peak for a month. Will a choice of not working out make a drastic impact? Studies indicate that if you stop working out even for a short duration, you will lose all your fitness gains. The human body is designed for being physically active. If you pause exercising, then it will have the below impact. Read on the benefits of exercising in winter.

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  2. 5 Reasons You Must Embrace Workout During Winters

    The autumn season is finally paving the way for winters. Before you realise, you will be waking to the season’s coldest and foggiest days. With such weather ahead, bidding goodbye to healthy eating and ditching your workout schedule is bound to happen. However, it would help if you do not let the winter season dilute your summer efforts. After all, it is not about losing weight or fitting back into an old pair of jeans. Rather it is a lifestyle change. It is about living a healthy and happy life. Moreover, working out during winters is essential for various reasons. Among others include,

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  3. Workout Clothes you will Need to get Going, This Winter

    The winter season can test even the keenest exercisers. Getting up early in the morning to pursue your fitness goals is the last thing that even a fitness buff would prefer in the winters. Forget about outdoor workouts, the indoor ones are also far-fetched during the cold season. However, the key to an enjoyable indoor or outdoor exercise session during winters is the right pair of fitness wear. Layering is the key to get you going and crushing your fitness goals even as the temperatures continue to dip and move you to more binge eating. Research by the University of Colorado discovered that “the production of ATPL, a fat promoting chemical doubles during the winter season. However, exercising can increase SMLPL, a fat burning muscle enzyme”. This research indicates that a regular workout during winters can help you achieve your weight loss or weight stability aim, rather than waste all your efforts of the summer season. Nail it with the below trendy winter wear for men and workout gears to keep going.

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