Monthly Archives: February 2019

  1. 5 Ways to Get your Valentine’s Heart Pounding This February

    The month of love is here! It’s time to celebrate valentine’s day and the relationships that matter. Of course, the tradition of flowers and chocolates can continue. But how about taking-up the responsibility of keeping each other healthy? How about reviving the relationship with fitness? Be the couple who is setting major fitness oops relationship goals and let others follow suit.

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  2. Tips to Lose Weight Even as You Age

    Tips to Lose Weight Even as You Age

    Have you ever noticed that losing weight is becoming a challenge as you are ageing? Shedding those extra kilos and few inches was a breeze during the good old days. However, as one ages losing weight feels more like a task. Is it because of the sedentary lifestyle or due to the reducing metabolism level? Well, actually it is a combination of both. A change in lifestyle is much needed as you age because that fabulous metabolism level starts betraying you. Below are some weight loss tips that will come useful even as you age.

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