Solid High Neck T-Shirt

Solid High Neck T-Shirt


Explore this range in shades of black, navy and grey and redefine your style this fall and winter. Perfect for Indian men, it is custom made for their physique and can help them flaunt their style with ease. There is also a Sporto Red logo to vaunt your panache. Besides, its reinforcement seam gives the strength to your garment, and you can wear it season after season with a different jacket, cardigan or jeans. Let the smart, high neck tee show even when you wear it with a coat or sweater.

Product Information

SPORTO RED HIGH NECK#614 BECKHAM This Sporto Red high neck Beckham t-shirt is designed for everyday warmth and active wear. Whether you want to cheer for your teammates from the sideline or be the match-winner, this stylish high neck tee should be your go-to option. Its high neck design can provide you with the warmth and coverage you need when you want to be winter ready. Making it pitch-worthy is its rich cotton interlock fabric make that can keep your body warm as you score a goal after goal. The material, the neck design can make it your winter favourite in no time.

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