1 Piece 5 Ways - The Sporto Jacket

The season of chills and thrills is here, and it is time to layer up. However, if you are not too keen on digging deep into your pockets to invest in new winter wear, we completely understand and have something that’s just right for you. Invest in one staple piece and wear it in different ways. 

A single jacket for example can be part of multiple, different looks if styled smart. Well lucky for you, we are here to help give you all the styling assistance you need. So here’s one essential winter piece styled in five ways for you.

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1. The Brunch with Friends Look

A steaming hot cup of coffee and some laughs with friends are the perfect plans for a warm winter morning. Planning to head to your local café for brunch? Here’s a look for you to try out. Pair our bright green round neck t-shirt with this slate grey capri and wear the jacket unzipped. Capris are a good choice for winter mornings when the sun is up, and it is slightly warmer than the night. Add a fedora and some shades for a trendy day look that says all things laidback and fun.  

2. The Drinks with the Lads Look

Oh, the sweet, sweet taste of rum and coke on a cold winter night. There is nothing quite like it. If you are having a house party with the boys and there is going to be a lot of drinking involved, dress in something comfortable. How about a simple grey v-neck t-shirt and comfy slate grey joggers to go with our biker jacket? What’s great is if you feel hot, you can always take the jacket off and tie it around your waist to transform this casual look into a back-to-college look in minutes. 

3. The Gym Look

Those gym runs on winter mornings are a nightmare, but for all the fitness lovers out there, here are some style tips on how to nail the gym look. Sporto has some incredible gym vests in the store that are quick to dry and super comfy for all the physical activity. So pair a printed gym vest with the jacket and go for a pair of casual black track pants to complete the look. If it is super cold when you leave home for an early morning jog, consider wrapping a monochrome scarf around your neck and maybe wearing some gloves? You can always shed those layers when it starts warming up.

4. The Work from Home Look

In and out of work calls all day? We get it, pleasant weather or not, work from home is the new normal. So if you’re working from your couch but still need to look presentable for your meetings, here’s a simple outfit idea that’s also a comfortable winter look. Pair the biker jacket with this incredible blue Henley t-shirt – a casual but refined look that doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard. The benefit of work from home is that you don’t have to care about your choice of bottom wear. Slip into a pair of comfortable joggers or capri shorts. This can also be your go-to outfit for when you have small errands or have to go grocery shopping.

5. The Date Night Look

Have a date planned soon and need to clean up nice? Grab your favourite pair of black or blue denims, pick out a crispy white shirt and then top off the look with our super adaptable biker jacket. This combination is a classic and will never fail to impress the ladies. Throw in a scarf if it is extra cold outside and spruce up your look a tad bit more. 

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