With the onset of winters, shorter days and chilly weather makes one lazy and indulge in comfort food. Cooking fresh and healthy food options becomes a difficult task and by consuming comfort foods we tend to put on weight. But, eating fresh and healthy during winters is important. We are prone to flu and infections, so sipping on something hot and fresh through the day is essential.

Here are five winter health tips that will help you in eating fresh and staying healthy.

chia pudding with raspberry sauce

1. Start your Day with Seeds: To give you the push every morning and keeping yourself energetic through the day, it is better to start your day with some seeds. If you like to eat fruits every morning, then sprinkle some flax seeds or supplement your oatmeal with chia seeds. These are good sources of fats and can give an energetic and healthy start to your day. It is these good fats that keep you off those sweet cravings, helping you maintain your weight and keeping you active during the day. So, incorporate this in your winter diet plan.

Quinoa salad with radish and mixed vegetables

2. Include Complex Carbs for Lunch: It is the lunch time, which is ideal for relishing and indulging in some complex carbs. These are the source of energy and you can burn them well during the course of the day. This is the time when you should indulge in some hot and fresh chapattis, whole wheat bread and pasta. Keep it simple, but make it fresh and enjoy it piping hot. Simply boil the pasta and stir it with some seasonal veggies. Likewise, prepare a simple veggie and enjoy it with some hot chapattis. During winters, stock-up your pantry with green leafy vegetables and enjoy it with complex carbs. It will be a complete meal in itself, nutritious and healthy. You can enjoy carrots, spinach and broccoli over a bed of rice, quinoa or noodles. Follow these tips to keep healthy this winter.

3. Hot Soup, Anytime of the Day: Sipping something hot is the most preferred option during winters. So, instead of indulging in packed food or unhealthy snack options, indulge in simple soup preparations and make it a part of your winter diet meal plan. A bowl of clear soup can do wonders to your health and take care of the fibre requirement. It is easy to prepare and you will surely relish it to the last sip. Stock your favourite veggies and some chicken, and make a quick soupy snack, this winter. It is also a great way to take care of your caffeine and tea intake.

Steamed Fish in Lemon Sauce

4. A Dose of Salmon: Winters is the time when your body needs that salmon more than ever. So, give yourself a dose of fish every now and then. It can take care of your salmon, omega 3 and vitamin D requirement. So, get some fish and freeze it at home. Frozen fish offers the flavour and texture too. It is not possible to get fresh fish during the week, so stock some in your refrigerator over the weekend and enjoy it with your veggies baked and fresh. It is a perfect way to eat healthy in winter.

detox water with fruit in glasses

5. Water, A Must: Keeping your body hydrated is essential during winters. Plain, cold water is not something one prefers during winter. So, indulge in some infused water preparation. Add some lime to the water and take care of your vitamin C levels, this winter. Incorporating citrus food is a must in your diet during winters as one tends to be affected with flu and vitamin C can do wonders to your health. It will be like taking some winter precautions for health.

Along with indulging in fresh and healthy delicacies, ensure your workout routine does not go for a toss during winters. If going out for that run or walk during foggy mornings is not possible, then opt for some indoor workouts. The essential thing is to workout, sweat and stay in shape. Whether you manage to do it with some outdoor or indoor workout, it simply doesn’t matter. Just ensure that winters is not the excuse of giving your workout, a miss. Look for some warm, winter clothing and workout with ease.

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