Hello all!

How’s the lockdown treating you?

We hope you guys are having fun and enjoying it to the fullest. By the way, what’s the best thing about this lockdown? Let us guess. It’s the comfort of being at home, right? But guess who’s the one that’s been with you 24*7? Let’s play a little game to find it out. This is how a normal routine looks like for most of us in this quarantine:

The day starts with the alarm ringing. You finally wake up after snoozing it for good 4-5 times (legends snooze up to 10 times). It’s with you. You freshen up. Have a nice hot cup of coffee or chai to start a good morning. It’s still there with you.

You exercise to stay fit. This time it HAS to be there with you. You take a bath, get ready and have your breakfast. It’s still there but probably in a different style.

You’re all set to start your work. It has got you.

You prepare your lunch (which is a HUUUUUUGE task). Then get back to work after finishing up lunch. Of course, it’s still there.

In the evening, you take a break, get some fresh air on your balcony with your favourite beverage and some snacks. Don’t worry it hasn’t left you.

After completing your day’s work, you’re about to order your dinner or prepare yourself (if you’re preparing all your meals you’ve already got ROADIES SALUTE from us!). It’s there guys! 

Now you are spending some quality time with your family or watching movies or series (and of course, those innumerable quarantine memes). This is the time you need it the most. To be at your comfort. To be you.

Did you take a guess?

It is your comfort-wear. The athleisure. Your joggers. Your shorts. Your super comfy t-shirts.


Yes. One good thing that has come with this lockdown is no need of wearing formal clothes while working. For the time being, we have bid goodbyes to our jeans, shirts, shoes, and other formal wears, and have adorned athleisure to be our 24*7 friend. To be in your Flexiwear all day long. The best feeling ever!

While we have restricted ourselves from stepping out to stop the fatal COVID-19 from spreading, our favorite comfortable clothes continue to give us the freedom to be ourselves all the time. To work and chill with maximum flexibility.

We commend and applaud your participation in social distancing and hope you continue doing so while being flexible and comfortable.

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