Adjusting to changes is quintessential for survival. Take the example of the current lockdown situation. Had it not been for the love of learning new things, it would have been quite difficult to stay for such a long time at home. It is also a means of giving yourself personal time, apart from attending work and family. This is the zone where you get to be you, so why not make the best of it.

It’s weird how time changes everything. Right?

We as humans are so adaptive. Look at our evolution. From being hunters for food, we now have delicacies to enjoy. We adopted our lifestyle with time. This is how the human system works. And the basic survival instinct is still within us.

The lockdown brought us all to a halt and left us in confusion at first. Slowly we started adjusting to it, and then came the human superpowers of turning any situation in our favour. During this time, people have been learning new skills and hobbies. As easy to as tough, they've got it all. Let's see some simple hobbies that anyone can adopt.

1. Get lost (in pages)

The easiest hobby to pick up. Developing reading habits inculcates insightful capabilities. Getting as much wisdom and information as possible is what helps you grow as a person. Reading different books from different genres helps in opening our minds and expanding our understanding and knowledge of different things.

Engulf yourself in the mysterious adventures, or thriller suspense or learn about the legendary people and get inspired by their achievements through biographies. It’s all really about picking your niche.

2. Go with the flow

Turning to music is never dull. More time at home gives music lovers the best time to explore new forms of music - be it some new international genre, upbeat, trance, soothing, or even devotional ones. It’s time to get flexible with your music choices, just like your Flexiweart-shirts, and Bermuda. Even better, you can put this time to its best use and start learning some new instruments. 

3. Eat. Sleep. Sweat. Repeat.

Fitness enthusiasts have turned their homes into gyms. Social media is full of videos from all over showing how people are continuing to maintain their fitness by picking up different activities. From yoga to aerobics, to high-intensity exercises, people are doing various activities as per their comfort. It’s time for you to give it a try, if not yet. Start slow and light, and enjoy whatever you do. It’s time to put on your comfiest athleisure wear, be it Bermudas, track pants, t-shirts, or vests and pump up your adrenaline.


4. Broom and Pan. Ready to dance.

Yes. Cleaning and organizing is one of the trending skills acquired by the millennials and Gen Z. Believe it or not, it’s sort of a mindfulness activity, where you get calm and peace after cleaning and organizing. So, get to your most favourite track pants, pick up your de-stressing tools, put on some music, and get your home sparkling.


We hope you’ve already started learning new skills as you read this blog. With the extension of the lockdown, it becomes all the more important to adopt one. Better late than never.  Choose your favourite hobby and develop and polish it. When the lockdown ends, let us all come up with an update of a new feature, just like our phones. Wouldn’t that be interesting!

But don’t forget your Flexi companion for your new Flexi skills. Check out the Flexiwear collection from Sporto for comfortable lockdown.