The star of street style fashion and the scene-stealer in celebrity Insta photos, the hoodie is one of the essential things that says winter’s here – besides hot chocolate, marshmallows and the amazing winter chill of course. But did you know the modern-day hoodie was designed in the 1930s to help warehouse labourers in New York stay warm during the frigid winters? Slowly and steadily it became adopted by workers, athletes, hip hop stars and is a super popular winter clothing option across the world today. 

Say hello to the Sporto Olive Green hoodie - one of our coolest hoodies for men from our AW 2020 collection. Stylish, functional, durable, not to mention oh-so cozy and that’s why we think there’s no better way to beat the chill than putting on the hoodie. 

Time to Style your Hoodies, Men!

Men’s wardrobes can be pretty limited, but that’s all the more reason to style your clothes as smartly as you can. The Olive hoodie is one of our most adaptable pieces and it can take on a new look each time you wear and style it differently. Don’t believe us? Well, you will when we show you how, right now! Here’s how you can take our Olive Hoodie Jacket and style it in two different ways:

  •   Sporty by day: A gym run isn’t just about throwing together your most comfy tracks and t-shirt anymore. It’s all about acing that perfect gym look and that’s where our star hoodie comes in. The olive hoodie makes for an awesome style statement when you hit the gym or step outdoors for a run and can easily be paired with your favourite men’s joggers. Its fit and style are designed to keep you warm and comfortable throughout your workout and after. The pockets with zippers help store your keys, wallet, and phone safely or give you enough reason to keep your hands from getting cold.

To pair with- 

  • Pair your olive hoodie with any t-shirts for men. For the day opt for a subtle colour such as dark grey, black or pale yellow.
  • Throw in a pair of black, navy, or grey joggers to complete your uber-stylish gym look. (Style tip: The only thing that can go wrong with this look is how you carry it, so don’t forget to wear your attitude!)
  •   Party-ready by night: When it comes to dressing up and stepping out, this hoodie can help you ace your look in minutes. The olive hoodie looks perfect – whether you opt to wear it for a casual evening out, or to a party that will last through the night. 

To pair with - 

  • The deep colour gives it a dressy casual look and can be paired with a variety of t-shirts such as a peppy orange, bright red or a deep blue. 
  • The combination of olive and black contrasting panels allows you to pair your hoodie with black or dark blue denim when you want to look dressier at a gathering or event. 

From the airport to your couch, a restaurant to your favourite café, the Olive Hoodie Jacket is one wardrobe pick that fits right in, making you feel as snug as a bug, anytime, anywhere. That’s why we say this winter the hoodie will be your most handy wardrobe buy. 

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