Make the most of your training efforts by incorporating the right post workout regimen. It is as important as your pre and workout schedule. Athletes and exercisers need to replenish energy stores, increase and improve muscle quality and repair any damages caused during workout. Here is a list of four post workout essentials, which you need to incorporate in your routine to see the results of your hard work. 

1.Stretch & Cool Down  

You need to stretch and cool down when your muscles are still warm. As soon as you finish that last lap of spinning or treadmill indulge in some stretches to bring down your heart rate and relax your muscles. Stretching also helps to reduce lactic acid build-up and helps in building your endurance, flexibility and mobility.


After sweating out, rehydration is a must. Drink water and replenish your water reserves. So, take your water bottle along, keep sipping during the workout and refill your body well after finishing the workout. 


One of the most popular post workout indulgences is a protein shake. But along with protein, you should have some carbohydrates to make up for loss of energy. The right nutrients post workout will improve performance, body composition and recovery. But when it comes to protein, you can have it anytime post workout, however, you must eat something within 30 minutes of completing your workout. Pack a light snack, a fruit or yoghurt along and have it soon after you finish working out.

4.Shower & Change

Hit the shower straight after gym and put fresh clothes. It is simple hygiene, which you must adopt as a post workout ritual. It is essential as the moisture can facilitate growth of bacteria, fungus or yeast and result in skin infections. So, freshen-up soon after and feel the difference.

While, eating carbs and proteins, and some warm-up is a great way to start your workout, there are certain strict specifications, which need to be a part of your post workout routine. Follow these, so you can see visible changes in your body within a few weeks, itself. It will in turn give you a boost to work out more and better, and stay fit.