“I’ll eat some breakfast, then change the world”, should be everyone’s belief. Such is the significance of breakfast for human body. Studies suggest, people who eat a healthy breakfast properly weigh less. Those who avoid breakfast tend to have high-calorie food for lunch and dinner. But breakfast doesn’t mean any breakfast, you need to have a healthy and nutritious one.

Here are 5 common breakfast nutrition related mistakes, which we tend to make on an everyday basis.

Mistake 1: Breakfast On-the-Go: We either get up late or don’t feel like preparing breakfast? Isn’t this a common scenario and then we pick anything on our way to work? And even worse eat it on our way. That bakery stuff, which you eat while commuting to work is unhealthy for you and eating when traveling is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Once in a while it is fine, but when you eat without paying attention to your food, every day you end up consuming more calories and indulge in mindless eating. Studies suggest, walking distracts your brain and you end up eating more. Moreover, you will not chew your food properly, leading to digestive problems.

Suggestion: You can start preparing your breakfast the night before or go for quick breakfast options. A smoothie, a fruit pudding, or prepare something quick from the leftover of the previous night. These are easy to make breakfast options, which you can eat from the comfort of your home.

Mistake 2: Skipping Fibre: You need a nutritious breakfast to give that energy boost to your body. It is without food for a very long time. But having a sugar and carbohydrate rich breakfast will give your body that sudden energy boost, which will drop soon. A sugar rich breakfast will increase your blood sugar level, but drop down. Likewise, carbohydrates are easy to digest and you will be hungry, sooner than you can think. So, sugary breakfast cereals are not the option, every day. Think of including fibre rich foods in your breakfast. Fibre swells up your stomach and takes longer time to travel to your intestine as against carbohydrates keeping you full for long.

Suggestion: Bring oatmeal, legumes, vegetables and whole grain products in your breakfast. The fibre will not only help you keep a check on your weight, but also keep intestine healthy and lower the risk of diabetes and colon cancer. On an average a human body needs 30 grams of fibre, so include some in your breakfast and kick start the day on a healthy note.

Mistake 3: Are Proteins a Miss: Proteins make you feel full for longer and curb your food cravings, as well. So, including this macronutrient in your breakfast is a must. And as far as possible, try to include good sources of protein in your breakfast options to stay lean and healthy.

Suggestion: A vegetable omelette will take care of your fibre and protein requirement. You can also include oatmeal with yogurt, banana, Chia seeds, and whole grain toast with peanut butter. If there is a time crunch, then simply blend a smoothie and have it quick.

Mistake 4: Not Including Fat: If you though fat will make you fat, then it’s time you rethink and reconsider. There are plenty of healthy fat options, which you must include in your breakfast ideas as they taste great and keep you full for long.

Suggestion: Include seeds, nut butter, and yogurt in your breakfast. These are healthy fat options and should be an integral part of your diet.

Mistake 5: Eating Less: It is either the desire to lose weight or lack of time because of which you end up eating less and have a growling stomach way before lunch time. So eating less is not the way rather you need to eat right and eat well. This way you will get your body metabolism going and have a healthy start to your day. And as much as possible go natural. Make fresh vegetables and fruits a part of your healthy breakfast foods list too.

Suggestion: Eat a balanced and proper diet and eat well. Don’t over eat, but under eating will also be harmful.

Breakfast is essential and have a balanced and complete meal. Include healthy carbohydrates, fats, proteins and fibre in your breakfast and give your body the right fuel every morning. Fill up your plate with natural foods and eat with concentration before you get going rather instead of skipping breakfast.