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5 Fitness Trends on the Fire

5 Fitness Trends on the Fire - Sporto

Fitness trends keep coming and going. Every few months there is a new fad. But of the newer trends there are some that will settle and stay for long. You will love them and make them a part of your workout routines. Here are some of these trends, which will stay on fire and maybe withstand the fervor the new ones make.

1. HIIT Workout:

The High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT has made inroads and is likely to be everyone’s hot favourite in the near future, as well. Benefit of working out for mere 15 minutes is quite desirable. Torch maximum calories in minimum amount of time by taking up a few HIIT workouts. With a variety of options in HIIT, you are sure to try something new each time you need that kick, to get you moving.

2. Running:

Knowing the many benefits of running with no major investment to make, running is definitely on the radar. A great way to get in shape, you can build your stamina and expand your social circle by running. Moreover, the frequent marathons in your city will keep you going for sure. Further, with running the main advantage is that you can manage at your time as per your convenience. No strings, attached.


3. Cycling:

Been in vogue since times immemorial, cycling has remained everyone’s hot favourite. One of the easiest and most accessible fitness trends, the fervour is increasing with the many cyclothon’s being organized the world over. Rent a bike or invest in one and pedal your way to fitness and freedom. It is great not just for the legs but overall body and your stamina level. So, keep cycling, keep fit.


4. Strength Training:

It is corner stone for every kind of workout that you opt for. Whether you are a gym enthusiast, a marathon runner or cyclist, strength training is the key for your performance. For almost every kind of workout, you need to build that strength. You can indulge in strength training at home or gym and make the many benefits on different tracks and field.


5. Kick Boxing:

With a surge in boxing studios in every city and town, kick boxing has definitely made its place. Offering strength training, cardio and swiftness training it is one workout you are sure to enjoy to the core. Moreover, the way it brings down your stress levels, you will be delighted at the first sight, itself. Punch that heavy bag hard and let go of all that is boiling inside. Improve your mental and physical strength like never before with this awesome workout. Hope you take the plunge for one of these workouts and enjoy your favourite workout like never before.

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