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5 Small Yet Significant Ways to Burn Calories

5 Small Yet Significant Ways to Burn Calories - Sporto

You hit the gym every morning? You indulge in clean eating and portion control? These big changes are significant and will help you achieve your weight loss target in the long run. But, if you want to see visible results faster, then doing a little extra can be amazingly beneficial. There is an old Hungarian proverb, “Many small things can add up a big one”. So, along with your daily fitness regime and clean eating habits, if you adopt these 5 changes you can get significant results on your calories burn chart. Here are 5 small yet significant ways of burning calories.

1.Ditch the Elevator: If you stay in one of those high rises or your office is on the higher floors, then ditching the elevator and taking the staircase can be the perfect calorie burning workout. Climbing the stairs up and down is a perfect way of increasing the heart beat and burning those calories. Say your office is on the 5th floor and you take the steps, you will end up exercising at least 3 times a day, i.e. once when you reach the office, for lunch break and when you leave for home.

2.Walk: As much as you Can: Of course, the 10,000 steps target is on your head all the time, which you try to achieve with a fitness regime. But, how about walking a few extra steps and burning some more calories every day. Try a 15-minute walk after lunch whether at home or office, if you are looking for ways how to burn calories fast. It is a great way of refreshing yourself and of torching some extra calories. Otherwise, try parking your car a little far from the home or office building and walk up. From your existing walking target, try walking a 1000 steps extra, every day. It will definitely show up in your weight loss.

3.Stand & Work: Sitting is already being considered the new smoking. So, how about standing and working. It will help you shed some calories and benefit with a perfect posture. Sitting for prolonged hours and working before the computer is leading to various lifestyle diseases. Too much sitting is also injurious for health. So, try a standing desk and burn calories, maintain blood sugar levels and a perfect body posture. It is one of the best exercises to burn calories.

4.Bike to Work: If you can, then bike to work every day. It is fun and a great way of staying in shape. Just be sure that the route from home to office is bike friendly. Cycling every day to work can be a fun way of getting around and an exercise that burns the most calories. Otherwise, you can also plan biking for leisure. So, instead of taking the car to the supermarket, opt for a bike and enjoy the many benefits of cycling.

5.Time for Calisthenics: Whenever you get time, indulge in some jumping jacks, planks or pushups and achieve your fitness target faster. When you wake up in the morning, do some jumping jacks and get your body out of the slumber mode. Likewise, when waiting to hit the shower, do some quick pushups or planks. These are easy ways to burn calories throughout the day.

Try incorporating these 5 changes in your daily routine and have a commendable calorie burn chart at the end of each day. It will help you burn calories, stay fit and energetic for long. If possible, switch to athleisure wear at least when home or over the weekends. This way you will be able to work out and move your body with ease. If you are looking for such athleisure wear, then check the range of Sporto Red. There are comfortable track pants, T-Shirts, Capris and Bermuda shorts, and you can opt for the most comfortable attire. You can view the complete range at and have the perfect, work out friendly wardrobe.

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