2020 was a different year. A year that had us working from home, working at home and also embracing comfort over style when it came to fashion. Track pants over denims, t-shirts over crisp shirts and sweatshirts over stuffy sweaters was the mantra of 2020. That’s why at Sporto we’ve shortlisted the 5, only 5 wardrobe essentials that men need to be stylish all day, every day. Here they are:

T-Shirts - Today, Tomorrow, Always

Whether you are working from home or working at home, do not worry about slipping into your office wear as casual is the new normal. Get all of those multi-coloured t-shirts for men out and enjoy wearing them. You now have a chance to opt for a shade that goes way beyond your Blacks, Blues, and Whites. How about opting for Neon shades and combining them with a nice pair of jeans or tracks? This is the time to go all out and opt for those lovely Jeetendra styles as no one would stop you. Enjoy it while you have the time and opportunity to be at home and then adapt this trend to your new normal life.


Track Your Way to a Cool Look

Aren’t track pants men your new partners? Do you need those jeans or formal pants anymore? Pandemic has got your tracks the value that it always deserved. Pair it with a nice colourful t-shirt. If you need to attend office meetings on Zoom, now is the time to make the best of your track pants men as you do not need to flaunt your bottoms anymore. Simply wear your tracks on a shirt, and here you are all set for your formal meeting.

Sport a Bomber Jacket

When it comes to layering up, it’s always better to invest in at least one classy piece that you know will never stop being trendy. A Bomber jacket is one such wardrobe piece that every man must own. Why’s that you ask?  Simply because you can pair your bomber jacket with any kind of shirt or t-shirt depending on the look you want for an evening out. Wear it with a pair of demin or your favourite pair of joggers and you are all set to party the night away! 

Hoodies Forever!

Snug, comfortable and long-lasting - hoodies are a great buy for so many reasons, especially when it comes to having a great winter wear option in your collection. From long drives with friends to new year’s eve party or even a date night - your  hoodie can go with you a long way when it comes to adding an element of style to your wardrobe.

Hail the Black Tee

 Black t-shirts for men are Bae! No one can ever go wrong with a black t-shirt men’s. When there is no trend to look up to you can just build one with your humble black t-shirt men’s. Combine it with whatever you haven’t worn through the week, and we promise you will set a new trend. You can experiment with your black t-shirt men’s and try out with various styles. Pair it with shorts or layer it with a jacket, just be sure to rock the look.

These are some simple styles based on our learnings from the Pandemic. You can add all of these to your wardrobe and rebuild a new one with some hot trends here at www.sporto.com. Go get your new funky look!