Dance, Dance, Dance it is the perfect form of workout, of strengthening, of de-stressing. Just do it from the heart, with love and you will not find a better companion. Dance has its many benefits and you can’t stop once you start. Just dance as no one is watching you and you will enjoy it to the maximum. Free moves, free spirit, dancing will help you, your mood and your body. Here are the top 5 reasons, why should take up dancing?

1. A dancer’s body, you will envy: If you start dancing, you will start loving your body more than ever. You work out your muscles completely while dancing, strengthen that core of yours and build your stamina like never before. Dancing is one form of workout in which you work your muscles in a way that they stretch as much. So, for those long and lean body muscles, you need to start dancing.

2. A Potpourri of Emotions: When you dance you experience an outburst of various emotions. You experience happiness, sadness, confused and cool state of mind. Dancing brings out your emotions and sets you free. Yes, that’s the beauty of dancing and which is why we say it is the best stress buster. So, next time when you are feeling stressed, you know you need to hit the dance floor and set yourself free.

3. A Confident You: The pressure of performance brings out the best in a person. When it comes to dance you are either performing on stage or in front of your bedroom mirror, and that fear haunts each one of us. We all have that stage fear and your first dance performance helps you overcome it bringing out the confidence in you. Dancing boosts your self-confidence manifold and changes you and your personality, completely.

4. A Social Animal: You may be sitting home every weekend but once you start dancing you are sure to make new friends and start socializing. Rather picking up a dance class over a weekend itself can be a fab idea. You will stay in shape and have something productive to do every weekend. Moreover, once you start dancing you will start looking forward to those weekends like never before.

5. A Better Fitness Personnel: When you start dancing you become more and more aware about your body, your muscles and go on to become better fitness personnel. Your listening skills also hone up and you start performing better in other sports as well. Moreover, dance workout is considered great for athletes as it’s a low impact activity protecting and polishing your joints all the time.

There are many ways of working out. It is essential that you take up some form of workout and keep yourself in good shape. It can be dancing, running, cycling just anything that you like but it is essential that you pursue something to torch those calories and stay active.

Get yourself some comfortable clothing and start the workout of your choice. Young, old, male, female these are absolutely no restraints when it comes to dancing or any other form of fitness. Just do what you like and just do with your heart and you are sure to enjoy that good health. If you are looking for workout wear for that dance or gym class, then Sporto can be your one browsing site for all your sports clothing requirement. Buy track pants online, capri pants, and round neck t shirts online for your dance class you will be good to go. You can get all these and much more at So, start shopping for your class, today.