Tired of fad diets? Want to lose weight, while eating? Then, switch to clean eating habits and lose as much weight as you desire. Reaching your ideal weight will be a possibility provided you opt for easy and manageable ways. But, still pondering how to cook and eat clean? Then, below are some easy means that will help you achieve your weight loss target and stay fit.

1. A Morning Ritual: You need to start with a healthy morning ritual. So, the first thing when you wake up you should have a glass of water. You don’t need to add anything, just plain water can help you kick-start your day on a healthy note. Make bed tea history, switch to clean eating tips and start your day by having a full glass of water.

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2. Cook, Locally Grown Food from the Ground: Bid goodbye to processed foods and embrace a clean eating diet. It is the biggest stumbling block in your health goals. So, remove all the processed food items from your kitchen and switch to locally grown food products, from the ground. Fill your refrigerator with farm fresh fruits and vegetables, and start eating seasonal, locally grown foods items.

3. Home Cooked Food: Switch to home cooked food, completely. Whether it is that snack for your midday or lunch for the office, pre-plan and cook at home. Indulge in cooking like a therapy and explore the healthiest way to cook. If cooking by yourself is not possible, then take the help of a cook. It is better to pay the cook, rather than eating out every day. An economical and healthy decision.

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4. Plan Your Meals: Every weekend, start planning your meals for the week. If you don’t have a plan in place, the tendency will be to indulge in binge eating during the week due to lack of time. So, start planning your meals and consider 30% protein, 30% fats, 30% carbohydrates and 10% binge eating. Ensure you include lots of lean protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates in your daily diet and indulge in a clean food diet.

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5. Eat Variety, maintain a Journal: Before you press the bored button again, start exploring a variety of clean eating recipes and include them in your meal plans. Within the ingredients available at home, you can make a lot of different dishes. Infuse them with spices of your choice and relish your own personalized meals. In addition, maintain a journal and keep updating what you had and what results you got. This way you can treat yourself to a variety and enjoy clean eating.

Make cooking and clean eating diet a practice, which you follow every day. Treat yourself once a while, you can plan eating out one meal every week, once a fortnight or a month and stick to the plan. You need to eat your regular meals in a planned manner and follow portion control to achieve your weight loss plans.

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Along with the above tips, follow some exercise regime to get quicker and better results. Follow a varied exercise schedule too, so that you don’t get bored doing the same thing every day. You can indulge in different workouts and treat yourself to new workout wear to stay motivated. For trendy and comfortable workout wear, you can view the collection at Sporto. There are stylish Bermuda, cool men's capris and trendy track pants and you can buy something different for the different exercises you incorporate into your schedule. Click here to see and buy from the collection. You can also share with us your clean eating habits in the comments below.