With over a month into the new year, are you able to keep up with your new year fitness resolutions? Is your weight loss target on track? If you are still debating, then its time you review and augment the situation. Don’t let this year go by. Rather, take charge now. Follow these 5 tips to stay on track and welcome the new year, 2019 on a healthy and fit note.

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1. Don’t Snooze the Alarm: You need to push yourself each and every day. Snoozing the alarm and postponing it to another day is not the solution. Get going every morning or evening, just adhere to your fitness plan. Choose a convenient time and follow the calendar. A 5AM ritual may suit your friend, but 5PM one will be more apt for you. So, instead of snoozing the alarm, plan a routine, a workout time, which suits you the best, so that there is no excuse, no escape.

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2. A Variety of Workouts: Practicing your asana every day is good. But it can get boring. So, it is essential that you treat yourself with a variety of exercise plans. Plan a jog, a gym session or yoga class for the whole week. Doing the same workout every day can get monotonous and you may eventually give it up. But, if you know it’s pilate one day followed by power yoga the next day, it is sure to keep you going.

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3. Track & Maintain: For every 2000 steps you earn 100 calories, yes such is the potential of tracking. This brings us to the third most important tip of maintaining and tracking your workout and your meals. Plan the meal chart each day and your workout plan. It will help you maintain a calorie deficit and lose weight. There are various applications on your smartphone, which can come to your rescue. Otherwise, you can maintain a simple spreadsheet or memo on your laptop. The essential thing is to maintain and track your fitness diet plan.

4. Reward and Rejoice: Whether you lose that inch or shed a kilo, treat yourself to something you love. It’s a great incentive and will keep you on track. It could be anything, something that you have been craving for or a movie treat. Reward and recognition is a wonderful way of keeping you motivated. Moreover, even knocking that inch call for a celebration. Let every milestone be recorded and rejoiced, and keep giving yourself more reasons to celebrate this year by following your health and fitness regime.

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5. Workout Buddy: The last but definitely the most important way of meeting your fitness routine is finding that true, workout buddy. If you get a company, then you end up losing weight fast. So, look for that run or gym partner and you will end up working out every day. If you are not a social person, then look for communities or sport events nearby and get going.

Follow these tips and meet your fitness goals with ease this year. You need to push yourself to achieve that ideal weight or six pack abs. Another cool way of keeping yourself motivated is by regularly investing in workout wear. When you buy that new track or t shirt for gym, you will hit the gym sooner or later. The new pair in your wardrobe will work as a gentle reminder. If you are looking for cool and affordable workout wear, then Sporto has a super collection for you. Check the range at sporto.in, buy yourself a new gear and get going each day, this year.