With summers round the corner, it is the ideal time to get back in your tracks and resume your workout routine.Bid adieu to the winter slumber and embrace the warm sun rays every morning with a fab workout. Start your marathon training plan, resume your morning yoga and evening gym sessions with friends and get back in shape now.

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Resuming workout after a short break can be tough. So, let’s help you plan your workout routine before monsoon’s give you another reason to skip. 

1. What’s your Goal?

So, did you put-on weight during winters? Or planning to run the next marathon in your city? Decide your goal first, so it is easy to plan your workout. Keep a short term goal, depending upon the time availability and aim to achieve it. It is always a better idea to challenge yourself with figures. So, give yourself target of losing 5 kg in three months or run that 21 km marathon in 2 hours. It will help you stay focused and once you accomplish it, you will have a sense of contentment.

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2. Doing Strength Training?
Whatever maybe your target or goal, strength training must be a part of your workout routine. It will help you do wonders in every activity you pursue. Strength is something you will need for even your day to day activities. So, imagine its importance when you want to run that marathon or bike racing event in your city. Indulge in a balance training and strength exercise is definitely an integral part of it. You can incorporate strength training two to three times in a week for about 15-20 minutes, and enjoy your stamina in everyday routine tasks and other physical activities you pursue.

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3. Do Your Cardio?
Include it in your workout routine for sure if staying fit is your fitness mantra for life. Even 10-15 minutes of cardio everyday trains you to deal with your action packed life and gives your health, a kick. You may not be a cardio person, but incorporating some sprinting on grass or biking at the gym will turn out to be greatly beneficial in the long run. Otherwise, simply include some jogging time in your warm-up and it shall take care of you.


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4. Stretch Up
Stretches are the perfect way of concluding any workout and relaxing your muscles. So, do it irrespective of your fitness means. Stretching is becoming increasingly important in today’s sedentary lifestyle. It is for this reason that your trainers and doctors advise some stretching through the day whether at office or home. Stretch your spine when at work, and ankles and hips during your workout. Simple but will surely work wonders.

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5. Don’t Forget to Rest

Haven’t you heard of cheat days? Maybe your trainers suggest that too. Cheat days or we can call it rest days are pivotal if you want to see result of those gym and running sessions. So, skip running and take your pet for a stroll or go hiking with friends. Some relaxation is essential too. Keep a day in every week’s workout routine for light movement.

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Plan your workout now rather pen it down and take pride when you accomplish it. Make it as realistic as possible so you can follow it and make it a part of your everyday routine. Try not to give it a miss, keep it on your priority list and see the wonders in your health and fitness levels before monsoon, itself.