A good night sleep is a must for better performance during the day. It is an absolute must if you work out. During the time when you sleep your body heals and relaxes, repairs the growth hormone and makes you perfectly ready for your next day workout session. Not just for workout a good and sound sleep is one of the keys to a healthy body. So, you must sleep well and let your body be healed for the next day’s wear and tear. Studies reveal your body releases up to 50% of the growth hormone when you sleep. Some simple yet effective tips to sleep better every night

1. Establish a Bedtime Routine:

The word regular and routine often turns you off but it is important when it comes to enjoying a sound sleep, every day. If you set up that bedtime, you are bound to fall asleep around that time. So, if it is 9pm every day, then head to bed that time. If weekends, you feel like pushing longer then, try to cover up with a nap during the day but ensure you wake up at the set time in the morning.

2. Turn Off the Screen, An Hour Before:

Laptop, TV, mobile or tablet are best avoided before bed time. The reason being these back-lit screens emit blue-wave lights that can disrupt your sleep pattern. So, check that Facebook or Twitter in the morning and not before bedtime.

3. Avoid Liquids, Especially Alcohol:

So, you were thinking that glass of whiskey or wine before bedtime gave you a good sleep? Well, you may end up sleeping as soon as you go to be bed but you will definitely not wake up fresh. Alcohol definitely disrupts your sleep quality. It inhibits that deep sleep, which your body needs for repair and releasing growth hormones. So, it is best to avoid that glass of wine with dinner or just before bedtime. Along with alcohol, consuming water or any liquid in excess before bedtime will definitely disrupt your sleep and get you out of bed before your wake-up time. Take your liquids in moderation as you near bed time.

4. Ambiance Does Matter:

Yes, those bright lights, warm-room will interfere with your sleep. A dark and cool room, is the key here. Turn-off your bedside lamp and other lights in the room before you head to bed. If there is any source of light from outside, then have your curtains concealing the light well. Use a tape or something to have the curtains as close to the windows as possible, so that light does not filter inside your bedroom. With light, managing the room temperature is also essential. Your room temperature should be low and not warm. Your body tells your brain to cool down as it is bed time and a warm ambience definitely works against it. Keep the room temperature close to 20-22 degree Celsius to enjoy a good night sleep.

5. Eat Right, Before Bedtime:

Early or light dinner before bedtime is good for your health and sleep. However, if it gets you growling just before bedtime, then add a glass of milk or fruit to have a proper sleep. Otherwise an empty stomach will work against. Avoid carbs, just combine fat and protein. 

6. Calm your Body:

You need to give some signal to your body that it is bed time. If you are running around non-stop before bedtime, then body and mind will be in active state of mind. So, relax your body with some simple breathing exercise and then go to sleep. Inhale, hold and exhale for a few minutes before going to sleep. 

7. Exercise & Get Tired:

If you thought that sedentary job and mild movement during the day is tiring enough, then you got to review it. You may feel tired but a few minutes on the bed and your body can get back to work. So, tire it in the literal sense with some intense work out. Run, jog, gym or do any sport of your choice every day but definitely not close to bed time. Such exercises will help you to enjoy a good night sleep. Get your preferred workout gear from https://sporto.in/ and get going for that run or gym every morning. Tweaking your habits, a little bit can help you sleep better and faster. You don’t need a major lifestyle change. Just a few changes and you will start sleeping and waking up well.