Running is the perfect form of workout if you want to lose or maintain weight, stay healthy and feel better. But like any other form of workout, when you are taking the plunge for the first time you are bound to feel a bit anxious. How you should run? How much you should run? Will you be able to manage and feel well post a run? These are some of the questions, which keep haunting you. Hence, we design this running tips for beginners, it will make running easy and fun for you.

Step 1: Fix a Run Time

This is the first and most important step. You should analyze your complete routine and set a fixed running schedule every day and ensure that come what may you will plan things around it not in between. Preferably, setting a morning run routine is the safest, when the chances of other work propping-up is minimal. Decide a time and run at least 3-5 times a week.

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Step 2: Running Gear

It is the ideal way of keeping you motivated and giving the initial push. For running, you don’t require a lot of gears. Simply, go for comfy running shoes and clothing. Don’t ever compromise on your running shoes. Invest in it liberally and change them after every 300-500 miles. Likewise, when it comes to your clothes, which you will wear for run, ensure simple and comfortable ones. If you can get the ones with sweat wicking feature, then nothing like it. This will help you run better and longer. You can get such sweat wicking t-shirts and tracks from Sporto has designed newfangled, sweat-wicking athlete tees that will keep the runners going this summer with ease. Designed to ensure sweat wicking and deodorizing function, sweat and odour will not spoil your game, ever again. You can explore the complete range at Buy sports jersey online from Sporto and run with ease.

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Step 3: Fuel-Up

Eat well to perform well should be your motto when you opt for running. A balanced diet is the key here. You just can’t compromise. Those carbs and fats are required to keep you going long and proteins for immediate wear and tear. So, have a wholesome meal each day that includes fruits, vegetables, wholegrains and lean protein.

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Step 4: How to Run?

Coming to the most daunting question, how to run? It is this one challenge that keeps many of us at bay. But is planning your run really that difficult. Well, not really, just listen to your body and go with the flow. There is no one rule for all. You can plan your run routine as per your convenience. Run and walk should be your way forward. Different experts have different suggestions, but one of the most prevalent and popular one suggests

running guideline chart

But consider it only a general guideline and you should follow as your body suggest. Don’t rush, don’t be harsh just go with the pace. And don’t walk when you are too tired, follow this table or listen to your body’s requirement and perform. Run a few minutes, then walk and repeat. It will help you build your stamina and gradually you should aim for more of running and less walking.

Step 5: Be Patient

When you take up any new activity, patience should be the key and it is definitely the thumb rule when it comes to running. Whether you plan to run for fitness, weight loss or the next marathon in your city, just go slow and steady. Slow runners are the best runners and stay calm and composed. You are bound to have bad days but that should not put you off. Just keep going. In the initial phase, getting to run should be the key, the posture, the miles and duration will follow suit. So, just keep going in the beginning.