Times are changing and the millennials are definitely for comfort. Fashion is important but when it comes to comfort, it rules. This especially becomes more important in our day-to-day lives. A formal pant to office or your tracks? The comfort and convenience that your workout track pants offers you propels you to wear it all day long. Along with comfort, you also benefit with efficiency. The hassle of carrying a gym bag and changing clothes before going to office is bygone, all thanks to Athleisure wear.

Making in-roads everywhere, whether it is your home, office or brunching with friends at your favourite restaurant, going in your Capri or Bermuda is the new cool. So, infuse more of athleisure wear in your wardrobe and dress cool and smart.

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Go ahead, do those stretches each time you take a coffee or washroom break. Straighten-up your spine and stretch those calve muscles. Yoga tracks in office should help you with some yoga tips and tricks through the day for a good health.

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Not sure, how to infuse it with your formals or casuals? Try those khaki colour jogging tracks with a draped or knitted shirt to enjoy that athleisure look, and you will be good to go. Otherwise, take out that stripe shirt and team it with a woven Capri. Such and many more, neutral and vivid hue athleisure wear range can be explored at sporto.in. Ensuring superior quality, best in class comfort and affordable range, you are sure to love and infuse sporto clothing line in your wardrobe. What more? Benefit with exciting discounts, free shipping and special gifts on every purchase.