It’s time.

Getting goosebumps? Totally worth it!

Today we’re going to go back in time into the historic lane. Because today we are going to learn about the origin of Marvel heroes. Most of you may have read comics and watched movies. But there’s no such thing like too much of Marvel, right? So get ready to get nostalgic.

For those who haven’t read or watched the Marvel movies, well, what can we say, you guys are in for a treat. A historic treat! Stories that will make you fall in love with the Avengers.

Let’s see how these men, leading their usual lives, became superheroes overnight. What happened to them? Buckle up! Sit tight as we take you through the journey of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

1. Iron Man

Kidnapped! Attacked! Almost died!

The story for our coolest superhero Iron Man cannot get any more dramatic! Tony Stark inherited the Stark industry after the unfortunate death of his parents in an accident. Following his brilliant mind, he created weapons of war. During his tenure, once he visited Afghanistan to consult on a weapons contract.

As fate would have it, he was attacked and kidnapped by terrorists. But during the explosion, a piece of shrapnel came flying to his chest and was stuck just inches away from the heart. Now he had a fellow captive, Yin Sen, who saved him from dying. To keep Tony Stark alive, they created an arc reactor to keep the shrapnel away from his heart. This gave Tony the idea to escape from the captivity by building an Iron suit that can be powered by the arc reactor core. And the rest is history. He flies out in his suit to escape, but in the process, Yin Sen dies. And thus rose the IRON MAN.

2. Thor 

Well, Thor was Thor from the beginning. But he was not from Earth and belonged to Asgard, a distant world in the universe. He was the God of Thunder, Son of Odin. During his time in Asgard, he fought many battles and grew stronger and had the great war hammer Mjolnir, the strongest, mightiest hammer in all the realms. But his battle-thirst made him break a treaty between the Asgard and the Frost Giants. As punishment, Odin took away his Mjolnir, banished him to Earth, and erased his memories of Asgard. On Earth, he was Dr. Donald Blake who has a limp. Can you imagine Thor, the Asgardian, the God of Thunder with a limp?!

Living his life on Earth as a physician, unknown of his real identity, he once happened to travel Norway where he encountered Kronans, the extraterrestrial creatures and fled into a cave. In the cave, he found a gnarled cane that he used to try and escape. When he struck it against a rock to break them, to his surprise, the cane turned into Mjolnir! This event restored his memories and returned his glorious form of the mighty THOR once again.

3. Captain America

A weak orphan during World War II, the story couldn’t have started any sadder.

Steve Rogers' story starts as an orphan. An underdeveloped boy, he was rejected to join the army for fighting the Axis powers. But a Professor named Abraham Erskine was experimenting for the development of super-soldiers to fight against Germany. He happened to find Steve and saw potential in the weak teenager to be a part of his Project Rebirth that was aimed to enhance human capabilities beyond imagination.

As the experiment started, he was subjected to a special serum and unique radiation, which eventually turned him into the Super-Soldier. But right after this experiment, Erskine was killed by a Nazi spy, leaving Rogers to be the only super soldier in the world. To hide the experimental failure, he was cast as a patriotic superhero by the government and was sent on a mission to kill the Red Skull, his evil counterpart. He was given a uniform, a bulletproof shield, a sidearm, and the codename CAPTAIN AMERICA. And that’s how we all got our sentinel of liberty.

4. Hulk

A shy and introverted child that turned out to be an enraged Superhero!

Bruce Banner was a child of an abusive father but he was a scientific genius since childhood. Due to his exemplary work in the field of nuclear physics, he was forced to work at a missile base in the New Mexico desert for weapon development. There he had to build a  bomb for an undercover foreign agent that utilized highly concentrated gamma radiation. Just as the countdown began for the testing, a teenager came wandering in the field (stupid kid!). Banner rushed to the area to warn him, but the sly agent purposefully continued the test. As Banner was on the field, the bomb detonated and Banner was drenched in the radiation.

Fortunately (for him and also for us), he survived. Because now he has got some massively built powerful body and also the ability to take giant leaps. He turned into a large, grey, monster and was named HULK by one of the base soldiers. Hulk started preparing for its cure, but he instead grew and evolved and ultimately turned into a green Hulk whom we all know today.

And that’s how we got these four Avengers! They all had to go through tragedy and suffer loss to become who they are today.

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