Old habits are hard to quit, and bad habits are even harder. We may not even recall when we embrace them and when they become a part of us. Moreover, the process of transformation is equally hard. Switching to healthy habits is not about succumbing to a new fad diet or trending exercise, it is about a lifestyle change and committing yourself to overall well-being. One such habit that everyone should embrace is to take up walking. It not only helps to boost your metabolism and keeps you active but can help in overcoming some bad habits too. Here are five such habits that you can quit easily with regular walking.

1. Addiction to Smartphone: Every research, every study points towards the growing smartphone addiction, which is hampering not only our eyes but also our brain. It is one habit, which is grappling everyone around from kids to adults to older adults. Next time, when you have time in between your work before you reach the mobile, get up from your desk and take a stroll. It is one of the best exercises for overall health, and it will be more relaxing and will help you get back to work with better energy levels. Besides, you can also make your smartphone addiction history.

Addiction to Smartphone

2. Break Negative Cycles: Do you end up reaching your cigarette pack when you are idle? Just pondering over some issues is leading to that nail-biting habit? If you have any such habit, then quit smoking, alcohol and nail-biting with walking. It helps you in breaking these negative cycles. Each time you reach out to that cigarette pack, distract yourself and walk away. Let a new habit break an old one something that facilitates your overall well-being.

quit smoking

3. Portion Control: Another issue that most people face is of overeating. Each time you feel you are hungry, reach out to a glass of water and then go for a walk. It will help to distract you, prevent overeating and if you are hungry, you can come back and have a little snack. However, don’t fill up your plate, just a handful will be satiating.

prevent overeating

4. Make Friends, Quit the Virtual Space: When you are back home in the evening take a little rest and before you reach out to your smartphone, tablet or TV remote, lace up and head out. Try to make friends or ask a friend to join you for a walking spree. It will be fun and relaxing. Overuse of TV or social media can give a feeling of isolation and depression. So, move out of the virtual world and get social with the real world.

feeling of isolation

5. Boost your Energy Levels: Sometimes you are not up to anything and feel like delaying every task at hand. In such a situation, it is ideal to take a break and get strolling. It works as a mood booster and will be revitalizing and rejuvenating. So, whenever you are in that procrastinating mood go for a short 10-15 minutes’ walk and come back with a clear mind.

Boost your Energy Levels

We all have certain habits which we are trying to break. Instead of running away from them, face it and look for a healthy alternative. It will help in quitting the bad, old habit easily. Besides, to keep yourself in that ready to move position all the time, switch to comfortable athleisure wear the moment you are back home. Reach out for that pair of Bermuda or tracks with a cool T-Shirt and step out whenever you desire. To ease your athleisure wear shopping, you can explore the range at Sporto. There are full sleeve T-shirts, athletic jersey, vests, tracks, Bermuda, and capri from which you can choose. Browse the Sporto range, order from the comfort of your home and let’s help you start this new, comfortable and enjoyable habit of walking.