On a holiday and wondering how to continue with your workout? Travelling for work for long and can’t hit the gym, everyday? Well, these concerns can be taken care with Band Workout. Yes, we know you can’t travel with those dumb bells and eating out every day is spoiling your healthy living habit. For all this and more is the band workout. It is a simple resistance band, which you can slide inside your laptop bag and continue with your fitness journey. Some research also indicates that people using these resistance bands get the same results as you get with those exercise machines and free weights. Moreover, there are a lot of exercises, which you can do with these resistance bands. Try the below five band workouts to stay perfect and in shape.

bend and workout


1. Bent & Row: Place the band under your feet, keep your back flat and then start the movement with your shoulders. It is a great way to work out and works like a gym workout for your back and shoulders. Try this and you will not miss your dumb bells. Bent and start rowing the body like a boat.

2. Rotational Band Lifts: Make your lower body workout including your hips, torso, shoulders and triceps with this one band lift. You should turn your shoulder to one side, chest up, stomach tight, and pull the band across the body. Press up and away and feel a complete stretch.

bent over

3. Bent Over: Bring your shoulder blades to play with this bent over exercise band. It exercises your shoulders, lower and upper back. Stand with your arms and legs apart, hold the band in your hand, lift up and down, till the shoulder level.

4. Overhead Press: Tried lunging with dumb bells? Replace it with overhead press when travelling. Keep your spine in neutral state, tighten the stomach and contract the back glute and get going. This is a great workout for your shoulders, legs and glutes with this stretch band. You need to lunge, place the band under one feet, and then raise the band up and down.

5. Stretch Horizontally: Bent, keep your back straight, place the band under your feet and stretch over. It is a perfect upper back and shoulder workout. You can feel the complete stretch as you pull up the band higher and higher with this anytime fitness band.

You can give these different full body workouts with band a try when you have to travel next for work or leisure. But, we suggest you should first practise these moves using your own body weight and then bring the band into play. You should start with a warm up and practise these band resistance workouts in reps of 8 or 10. Try to give your body a rest of 1 to 2 minutes between each rep. The rest time should be a proper one, so that you can perform the subsequent reps properly. As you become comfortable with these moves, you can reduce the rest time.

But, remember to wear proper and comfortable workout wear even when performing exercise band workout. You can check a relaxed fit by Sporto. Whether you are comfortable in tracks, Bermuda or jersey, you can choose as per your preference from Sporto.in. So, get the right workout wear, a band and get going.