“Meditation means dissolving the invisible walls that unawareness has built”

This mystic quote by Sadhguru, speaks volumes about the significance of meditation. It can help you find poise in panic, calm in chaos. Yes, such is the power of meditation, which is why it has become the latest trend in the wellness industry. Whether you are seeking solace, battling health issues or trying to develop your concentration, meditation can help you achieve all of this and more. In today’s crazy work life schedule, meditation therapy can help you become calm and compose. It is the best gift you can give to yourself. So, let’s get you meditating

1. Spare a Few Minutes: Meditation is not a monumental task. You just need a few minutes to get going. Not a complete day or an hour, you can start meditating with just a few minutes in hand. Practice it while you are still in bed or in your car before you step inside the office. You don’t need any specific place or time, just some time to get the practice started. Sit, close your eyes, calm your body and start breathing in and breathing out. Your exhale should be longer than your inhale. Try to focus on your breath, thoughts and focus on the present. Don’t try to think about the past or tomorrow, just dwell in the present, and live the moment. It is one of the perfect ways to stay calm during pressure.

2. The Power of Gratitude: Along with slow breathing, you can also experience the power of gratitude. Just sit and think thankful thoughts. Such are the benefits of yoga and meditation. You should meditate while feeling gratitude about the good things in your life. Express gratitude for the caring family, good job, beautiful home or simply for waking up every day. It is the perfect way to start your day, feeling happy, feeling positive and starting or ending the day on a blissful note.

3. Meditate on-the-go: If you think you can’t meditate, while sitting in a place, then try meditating, while working out, while walking. Just ensure, that whether you are walking or running, try to focus your thoughts on all the five senses. It is the perfect way if you want to practise meditation for stress. Bring your focus on what you are seeing, smelling, and hearing. Feel your entire body moving and focus on it.

So, meditating doesn’t mean sitting in one place for hours, clad in simple clothes and serene environment. You can start meditating anytime, anywhere and keep your cool under pressure situations. You just need to focus on your breathing, feel your body and think happy thoughts. Each time your mind deviates, try to bring your focus, again in a gradual manner. If siting in one place and meditating is not feasible for you, then try taking up a sport. Indulge in the game completely, feel every muscle movement and have your mind clean as a slate. If you want comfortable attire like track pants for men, while working out, then the range of Sporto can be apt for you. Flexible, comfortable and colourful, it will help you to enjoy your game, calm your mind and find your poise in everyday panic.