Start practicing yoga every single day. It is one form of workout, which you can practice, anytime, anywhere, and torch calories and de-stress. Yoga workout for men is for their overall well-being, and is being practiced the world over for its many benefits. There is an influx of yoga practitioners and enthusiasts the world over in the recent past, and it is for this reason that yoga studios and classes have mushroomed in every nook and corner. Here is why you should pledge to practice yoga, every day, this International Yoga Day

yoga for healthy body

1. Yoga can do Wonders to your Mind & Body: The everyday work life stress can take a toll on your mind and body. But, with a regular yoga routine for men you will experience enhanced focus, better mood, increased flexibility and reduced stress. It will also improvise your postures reducing those pains and aches at the end of every day. Start doing yoga every single day to experience these life-changing benefits.

yoga for stronger body

2. Yoga Makes You Strong: Yoga is not for the dainty. Rather, its regular practice can make you strong. Each time you practice yoga, you challenge your body to strike the right pose, for a better form of you, every day. Yoga for men is an ideal workout. With yoga, you learn the art of finding comfort in an uncomfortable situation, too. Its role, its significance is not just restricted to your body. But, it has an influence on your life, as well.

best yoga poses

3. Yoga Complements Weight Training: Did you know yoga can help build your lean muscles? It also increases your strength. Yes, by practicing yoga you can actually lift heavier weights and increase your range of motion and flexibility. When you do yoga poses, you hold them for longer span of time as against traditional exercises. This increases the muscular endurance, helping you perform your weight training, better. So, check for the best yoga poses for men and make it a part of everyday routine.

These are some of the reasons, why men must pledge to take up yoga and transform their life completely. Avoiding it on the pretext of being a woman’s workout, one should know that the practice of yoga was designed by men, intended for men. So, take up yoga, keep lifestyle diseases at bay and practice this ancient form of workout to experience its many benefits. Before the yoga day, buy men’s yoga pants, a comfortable pair of tracks and t-shirts and commit yourself to yoga. You can buy an affordable and comfortable range from Sporto. Check the range at and order your yoga wear, today.