Is bloating keeping you from looking and feeling your best? Even clean eating and workouts are failing to keep bloating at bay? Well, there is more to it. The gut bacteria, the microbes, which produce the brain chemicals, also have a connection with bloating. Your gut health is the root cause of many health conditions including acne, obesity and bloating. Even some inflammations and coronary heart diseases are due to poor gut health. So, if workouts, clean eating is not giving you the result, then it is time you make things better in your microbiome and work towards your gut health. Follow the below steps and see if you are able to bid goodbye to bloating and use it as an effective way to reduce belly fat

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Step 1: Recognize what bothers your System: By eating certain foods, you bring your digestive system under distress. They don’t add to the nutrient value, rather inhibit your body from absorbing the essential nutrients. Some of the ways through which you can recognize such food allergies include pain, swelling, vomiting, diarrhoea, and nausea. These symptoms will trigger immediately after consuming such food items. But, if such symptoms don’t show up immediately and you are not certain about the food allergies, then you should get IgG blood test done to confirm. Post this test your doctor will be able to identify the food allergy and food causing bloating and will initially follow the rule of elimination and gradual reintroduction. For some people, it can be gluten, lactose or egg intolerance. This test will help in recognizing the food, which is bothering you. 

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Step 2: Commit to Clean Eating: You will have to commit to clean eating, forever. Taking up clean eating for short intervals of time will not give you long term relief. Rather, if you are looking for a cure for bloating, then this will have to be a lifestyle change. Removing processed foods, artificial sweeteners, refined grains, added sugar and artificial flavours will have to be a part of your lifestyle. You will have to replace them with fresh fruits and vegetables. Some fruits, which can benefit you immensely in such a situation is papaya and pineapple. In addition, you should include fermented food products like yogurt, curd, miso, kefir. These probiotics with good bacteria will aid digestion. Along with this take up ginger, fennel, peppermint and chamomile from your spice cabinet and make it a part of your everyday food intake in some form or the other. 

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Step 3: Fibre, Is Very Important: Introducing fibre in your diet is essential if you want to get rid of bloating. Fibre aids digestion, increases your metabolism rate and is among the natural remedies for bloating. You will need to include fibre in the form of oatmeal and beans, and the fibre you get from fruits and vegetables. The soluble fibre in oatmeal and beans converts into gel and moves slowly from your stomach to small intestine giving you the feeling of fullness for long. This kind of fibre can also do wonders to your cholesterol level. While, the fibre you get your fruits and vegetables, aids digestion and prevents the feeling of constipation. But, if you have not eaten fibre before, then introduce it in your diet, gradually. Otherwise, a lot of fibre can cause gas, bloating and cramps. So, introduce it slowly in small quantities in the beginning.

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Step 4: Supplements Can Help, too: Along with these dietary and lifestyle changes, you can also start adding supplements to feel the difference. You can add probiotic supplements for a healthy gut. It will increase the level of good bacteria improving digestion, reducing food intolerance and boosting immunity. In addition, daily omega 3 supplements also have good bacteria, which can work well for your gut. But, before starting with such supplements, you should consult a doctor and then decide the ones, which work as the best remedy for gas and bloating.

With the above step by step guide, you can take care of your bloating woes. But, if you want to bid goodbye to it forever, then try to commit yourself to these dietary changes. In the long run, it is these lifestyle changes, which will provide you with the desired results. Along with the diet changes, don’t give up on your workout regime. If not immediately, working out will also give you the results eventually. Stay committed to clean, healthy eating and exercise to eliminate bloating. And to motivate you to work out every single day, you should get workout wear from Sporto. It has a colossal variety. There is something for the marathon runners, gym enthusiast and sports aficionados. Check the range at and stay committed to bidding adieu to bloating, forever.