“Your body can stand almost anything; it is your mind that you need to convince.” This is absolutely true for running. It is your mind, which acts as a deterrent, way before your body. Have you experienced if you think you are tired, you suddenly start feeling more exhausted? Yes, such is the influence of your mind over your body. So, way before reaching the finishing line, your mind may signal you need to stop, while your body will still have the stamina. There are also studies, which suggest that running is 49% physical and 51% mental. So, your mindset plays an important role in achieving your running target. This makes it important that you learn the art and science of controlling your mind. It will be the key on how to prepare for a marathon? Here are some tips that can come handy in mental training for running. 

1. Meditate Now: Meditation is the perfect way of controlling your mind. It is a way of knowing yourself way better than anyone else. Meditation helps you to establish that connect with your inner self. Simply close your eyes for a few minutes and chant a mantra, which you already know. Gradually, try to increase the time duration and reap the many benefits of meditation. It is the easiest and best way of getting that control over your mind and emotions. It will help you stay calm, when you feel pressurized due to the run target. During the race time, you need to stay calm to take well thought off decisions, so that you can perform your best. Meditation is definitely proven for endurance performance and should be included in your list of preparing for a marathon.

2. Runners Guild: Try to socialize with other runners. Joining a running group or connecting with runners through social media can give you the boost. Hearing stories of their success will help you achieve your targets, as well. The real life pro athlete’s anecdotes can go a long way in helping you accomplish what you thought was impossible.

3. Read & Achieve: If time constraints, then instead of taking the social route, you can read-up too. There are a lot of books and literature on pro athletes, which can work as your motivation guide. Read up such literature with real-time examples that can give you the push to set the goal you desire. It is definitely an important tips for running a marathon.

4. Stay Positive: The power of positivity cannot be undermined. So, staying positive is an absolute must. You will encounter challenges during the course of run time. It is for that moment that you need to learn how to stay positive. There will be major or minor obstacles that you might confront and being positive will be essential for that time. A positive frame of mind will help you overcome any hurdles and perform your best.

Running and mental toughness definitely goes hand in hand. So, when you plan for your run, building your physical stamina and having a control over your mind will be equally important. You should be able to counter the signals your brain is giving to your body. If your mind is stopping you from reaching the finishing line, your control should be such that you can still give it a shot. You should be able to convince your brain, that yes you can. 

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