When it comes to exercising, walking doesn’t always get the respect it actually deserves. If you have so far been following that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then it is time you try the same for walking. From losing weight to de-stressing, benefits of walking are many, which you can experience only after you start doing it consistently. Yes, consistency is the key for any physical activity and the same holds true for walking. From taking care of your mood swings to chronic diseases, walking can help you in your overall well-being.Below are the many benefits of walking and you will also start swearing by it.

1. Physical Benefits: As you start walking, you will see your waist line trimming and belly fat reducing. There may not be an instant difference on the weighing scales, but walking will play its magic and give you overall effect in the long run. It is one form of exercise in which your complete body is put to use. Your arms, legs, upper body all is in motion and can give you the desired results. Studies indicate people who go for a walk are less likely to be obese.

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2. Keep Chronic & Lifestyle Diseases at Bay: The physical benefits of walking daily are not just restricted to a slimmer waist, but it goes a long way in keeping you fit and fine. Yes, regular walks can prevent chronic and lifestyle diseases like BP, diabetes, cholesterol, heart ailments and more. If we take the case of diabetes, walking regulates the blood sugar levels, keeps insulin levels low and diabetes at bay. So, if you don’t want these sedentary lifestyles related problems, then start walking and live a healthy life. But, even if you are already suffering from these health issues, then research indicates 45 minute walk every day can help you regulate your blood sugar levels. If you are not able to walk at a stretch, then try 15-20 minutes of walk after every meal and see the difference.

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3. Emotional Well-Being: Are you suffering from those mood swings? Then, it’s time you give walking a try. A perfect exercise for your emotional well-being. Whether you are getting those depression tendencies or suddenly tend to get angry, then start walking for health and fitness. Several studies indicate that walking can modify your nervous system and decrease the tendency of anger and hostility. Moreover, when you take up walking you start interacting with people in the vicinity or at the gym. It makes you social and helps you to de-stress. Moreover, a walk under the sun gives you the much needed dose of Vitamin D easing those body aches and pains, and making you feel refreshed all the time.

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4. Ideal for Good Night Sleep: When you walk around, exposing your body to sunlight your body aligns with the surroundings better as it recalibrates the hormone melatonin. As the levels of this hormone increase, so does your feeling of sleepiness. For that ideal good night sleep, you should do walking exercise and get your body accustomed to the city. You should follow this rule, even when travelling to a new city and ensure that your sleep is not disturbed even while travelling.

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5. It’s Easy, It’s Affordable: You just need a pair of good shoes to get you going. Walking is the best exercise, it doesn’t require any training or investment. Just a pair of shoes and comfortable clothing can get you going. It is accessible, easy and affordable way of staying fit.
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