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Don’t Forget these Yoga Essentials for Your Next Session
P.S. The last one is the most important

Jul 02, 2020

We all know about the tremendous power that yoga holds. We cannot emphasize enough on the mental peace, positive attitude, and the flexible body it gives.

Flexible body.

How wonderful it sounds to be able to do a 180-split, handstand, or plank pose.

And you know what adds to this wonder? The choice of flexible clothes to master those postures like a pro. It is important to have comfortable clothes during the yoga session that may help you stretch easily to carry out all the asana with ease.

Speaking of comfortable clothes and not mentioning Sporto Flexiwear is almost a sin. So let’s talk a li’l bit about it.

Importance of Flexiwear in Yoga

Choosing your yoga clothes becomes important as you need to be comfortable enough to carry out all the activities during your session. In fact, yoga is all about feeling good about yourself. So your choice of clothes depends on what you’re comfortable with.

Mostly, flexible and comfy clothes are an ideal choice for yoga. If we may, if our body is a yoga session, then Flexiwear is the Surya Namaskar to it. As Surya Namaskar helps you get warmed up and ready for a great yoga session, Sporto Flexiwear gets you ready to perform them in the most comfortable clothes. It allows you to go beyond your limits, explore maximum flexibility, frees up your body, and helps improve your asanas and postures. With our Flexiwear, it becomes super easy to stretch and flex due to its excellent, comfortable fabric and stitch.

Now that we know the importance of Sporto Flexiwear, let’s head to the yoga essentials.

Essentials of Yoga

Here’s a list of your must-have yoga essentials:

1.   Yoga Pants 

The most important essential to have. Generally, both full-length track pants or joggers and bermuda shorts work well for men. Whatever you choose, make sure you choose a comfortable size and fabric. Too tight yoga pants will make you uncomfortable all through your session. While too baggy pants or shorts can create hindrance for your asanas. Let your skin breathe with a perfectly sized pair of pants. The fabric should be soft enough to absorb your sweat and keep your skin dry and comfortable throughout. Find out your best yoga pant options from the Sporto store.




2.   T-shirt

Like your yoga pants, your t-shirt should be comfortable too. Once again, the size and its flexibility matter here. Too tight a t-shirt will limit your arm and torso stretches, shortening your extends. A very loose t-shirt can be messy while performing asanas where you need to rise or bend upside down. A perfect-sized t-shirt is thus, good to go with, and of course, the fabric should be breathable. Sporto collection has anti-bacterial fabric t-shirts that allow you to stay dry and germ-free while performing any activity.

3.   Get your own accessories

In this COVID-19 world, you might be carrying out your yoga sessions at home, which means you are using your own essentials. But in general, whenever you step out for your yoga classes, it’s better to have your own set of accessories. This habit keeps you germ-free and reduces the chances of any viral or skin contamination.

We’re talking about getting your own yoga mat, hand towel, and water bottle. The common yoga mat from the classes may or may not be changed or cleaned. It’s better not to take that risk. While breaking a sweat is good during any exercise, keep a hand towel with you to wipe that sweat off your face. And also, do not forget to sip water every now and then to keep yourself hydrated.

4.   And the most important - Be Positive!

The most important rule of yoga is to be stress-free. So relax and let go of yourself. Do not overpush if you cannot perform any asana. You will get hold of it with time. Trying too hard may get you sprain or spasm. Just be positive and start your session with a happy and pleasant mind.

Yoga is a powerful tool to control your body and mind. So make sure that each session is as fruitful as it can get. Always be ready with your comfy clothes. Sporto’s Flexiwear collection has ideal yoga clothes for men. Its comfy track pants, t-shirt, shorts offer superior comfort for any yoga session. The flexibility and stretchability it offers is par excellence. So let’s get all prepped up for the next session with your favourite comfy clothes. Check out Sporto Flexiwear’s store for more yoga clothes.

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