When Adele sings

“And I set fire… to the rain”

You might feel, “Damn, right! I do.”

By being all prepped for the monsoon.

Monsoon is knocking our doors. Now we’re not going to inundate you with ‘that smell when the first raindrops hit the ground’, ‘the urge to hop into the rain and dance like crazy’, ‘how great tea tastes in the rain, and all (Guess what? We just did that).

In fact, what we’re going to tell you is that it’s the perfect time to get set with your monsoon fashion - from tip to toe. So why wait any longer? Let’s dive, no, not into that puddle made in front of your home from all the rain, but into the monsoon readiness with some style.

1.  All in for Shorts

We all have at least one memory of walking on the muddy road after the rain with slippers on and those devil mud specks ruining our pants. Aagghh! How irritating that was! Well, we’ve all learned from our mistakes. That’s why the number one fashion suggestion has got to be Shorts. Let’s keep our beloved pants safe this season. At Sporto Flexiwear, we have some great collections of bermuda shorts to help you step out fearlessly in the rain. The secret sauce here is the fabric, which is anti-bacterial to keep you rash-free and comfortable even in extreme humidity.

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2.  The Rainbow in the T-shirt

Because the monsoon calls for casuals! And nothing describes the happy-go-lucky monsoon vibe as a stylish comfortable t-shirt. Who doesn’t love the flexible, stretchable t-shirts? We don’t want you to get soaked in humidity wearing formals or heavy jackets. So we bring the style and fashion to your t-shirts, with a rainbow of colors poured into our t-shirt collection for you. At Sporto Flexiwear, we have varied color options in casual t-shirts for men. That means, even if you don’t get to catch a sight of the rainbow up the clouds, you can have one right inside your wardrobe ;)

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3.  Strap on to Sandals

Wearing shoes in rain does not make sense, right? Who wants to get their shoes drenched in muddy water when we can have super comfy, easy-drying sandals. These sandals do not wear out easily with use in rain, so it’s better to save those dear shoes for dry days (yeah guys, pun intended). In fact, a nice sophisticated pair of sandals can even work for your office look. The biggest advantage? Letting your feet breathe and avoiding any chance of fungal infection due to wet shoes.

4. Umbrella or Raincoat?

This world is divided into two parts - people who use an umbrella during rains and people who use raincoats. You might choose either of the two to protect your belongings. But mostly, as a grownup, you’d choose an umbrella over a raincoat (but hey, don’t let us decide for you), unless you’re a biker, in which case, you don’t get to choose. You stick to raincoats. Whatever you prefer, don’t forget to carry it wherever you go, unless you want to get drenched and ruin your favourite shirt. By the way, which person are you - the umbrella or raincoat?

5.  Splash-free Time

If you love wearing a watch, then you must protect it from the wrath of rain, no matter what the world says. Unless you have a waterproof watch, in which case, you can just hang out and ‘share some time’ with the rain like a buddy. A waterproof watch not only keeps you in class and style but also is versatile for extreme weather. Why compromise on style over functionality when you can have both with a classic waterproof watch.

This completes the much-needed monsoon fashion kit for all men. Make sure you fall in love with this weather with these seasonal fashion trends instead of hating it for soaking your favourites in water and ruining your day. It’s time to beat the rains with these fashion statements. Check out the Sporto Flexiwear online store to get your favourite t-shirts, men’s bermuda shorts, and men’s capris.


Happy Monsoon!