One thing that this pandemic and the consequent lockdown has taught us is the need to be flexible. As soon as the lockdown initiated, people adjusted to working from home. As soon as there were no more house helps, people adjusted to cleaning and cooking by themselves. In short, they got flexible enough to accustom to the new change.

Sporto is here to celebrate this newfound flexibility. And what better way to do this by adding some more flexibility into your life?

Introducing our new campaign #Freedom2BeFlexi where some top influencers show you new ways of wearing your comfort-wear while staying at home. It’s all about how you stay flexible with Sporto’s Flexiwear (What’s that? Check out here) while you practice social distancing.

The campaign talks about how Sporto’s collection makes your homestay comfy and fun. At Sporto Flexiwear, we want you to enjoy every bit of your day. Whether it’s working, cooking, cleaning, or leisure. So what if you cannot step out as usual? You can definitely make the most out of it by learning new things at great ease. And we know you’re already doing that. So how does this campaign or Sporto help you here?

Well, let’s see what Sporto Flexiwear has to offer.

Working from home has been a new change for most people. The best thing about it is ‘no more formal wear’! Now you can attend work while being in your shorts or Bermudas. Isn’t it wonderful? It gets more wonderful with Sporto’s supreme soft fabric. Sporto’s Polo Neck Tee is ideal to attend those Zoom calls - the perfect combo for comfort and formal look.

This lockdown has shown us some budding cooks who didn’t know their talents earlier. #Freedom2BeFlexi campaign shows how Sporto Flexiwear encourages its caliber and potential by providing more flexibility for cooking through their comfortable series of collections with some great features for men. Find the most comfortable t-shirt for you while cooking your favourite dish.

It has been a serious downturn for all gym enthusiasts. To make the best use of this time, they turned to workout sessions at home. Sporto Flexiwear’s gym vest is your ideal partner to do those push-ups or crunches. Its bottom-wear collection allows free movements for lunges, calf raise, and whatnot. So why wait for the gyms to open when you can slay it at home!

Got some other hobbies? Singing? Dancing? Gaming? Or binge-watching? Isn’t it all about the flexibility to choose what you like? #Freedom2BeFlexi entertains all your hobbies and interests. Allow yourself to rock your any activity and hobby at your ease.


#Freedom2BeFlexi campaign is meant to provide physical flexibility as you prepare yourself for mental flexibility. Check out Sporto Flexiwear’s Instagram @sportoflexiwear to know more about the campaign. Also, check out the Instagram pages of our fabulous influencers and their awesome work at Varun Verma, Amardeep Phogat, Vitrag Mehta, Satvik Sankhyan, and Vipul Juneja.