Committing yourself to a weight loss routine can be a task. It becomes a bigger challenge if you have a busy work life schedule. Most of us end up dropping from this journey before we reach the target due to time constraints. Taking an hour for exercise and eating home cooked meals can become quite demanding. But, sparing 20 minutes every day can help you reach your weight loss target. Well, let’s map your weight loss journey here and make it a reality with 20 minute fat burning workout.

HIIT Workout for biggner

Step 1: Start HIIT Workout: You don’t need to spend an hour at the gym to get visible results. Rather, take up High Intensity Interval Training for 20 minutes every day. You can check the different HIIT workout routine for beginners online. It will increase your metabolism levels and help you shed calories. HIIT is effective in burning fat and has a lingering effect. So, you will burn calories later, as well. If you want to add to the resistance, then use weights, resistance bands or kettlebells.

Best workout for biggner

Step 2: Interval Cardio Training: Along with HIIT, indulge in interval cardio training. It is the perfect way to pace up your heart rate and burn more fat. For instance, instead of running at the same pace on the treadmill, keep changing the speed. You can try it, while jogging or running, too. Take up any cardio workout and try to oscillate the speed limits. Or, you can also try combining walking and running. Like run for a minute and then walk for 30 seconds. It is also one of the best exercises to lose weight fast.

healthy grocery list for weight loss

Step 3: Stock Up Healthy Grocery: Weight loss is a combination of right nutrition and workout. Besides, workout you should spare sometime to stock up healthy grocery. Make a healthy grocery list for weight loss and have only those at home. It is the right way to achieve your target. If there will be no junks at home, then you will not even indulge in one. Moreover, the instinct to eat something sweet or oily passes after sometime.

meal prep for weight loss

Step 4: Plan your Meals: Make a list of easy and nutritious meals for the complete week. Try to keep the easy options for the week and something demanding more time for the day off. When you have done the meal prep for weight loss, the chances of eating out or indulging in treats will be minimal. You will not want to waste the food already prepared at home.

Step 5: Walk During Break Time: Stop indulging in an afternoon siesta or in treats at the cafeteria. Instead, plan your walks during this time. You can indulge in a nice, walking session post lunch and dinner. It will ease up your food digestion resulting in low sugar levels. This in turn will stabilize the appetite and reduce your cravings. Walking has always been the most effective weight loss exercise.

Follow this 20 minutes’ ritual to achieve your weight loss results. It will be manageable and will help you stick to your plans. When you have to take out too much time you end up deviating. So, try sparing 20 minutes for the perfect weight. Stick to healthy eating and exercise to make it a reality. Once you achieve a target, treat yourself with fine, comfortable workout wear. To make this also easy for you, Sporto has an awesome collection of t-shirts for men  and sportswear for men online. You can do your HIIT workouts in comfy t-shirts and tracks. Make the most difficult of targets achievable. Check the range, add to cart what you will buy when you achieve your next target. Stay active, stay healthy.