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Are you Beginning to Cycle? Effective Tips for Beginner Cyclists

Apr 08, 2019

Along with marathons, there is an increasing trend of cyclothon in every city across the country. Cycling is a great, full body exercise that helps strengthen the core, increases the muscular strength and helps in preventing various diseases. Cycling is especially proven for reducing cardiovascular problems. So, whether you are planning to take up cycling for good health or general fitness, here are some effective tips for beginners.

Give Safety Precedence: Before you think about balancing or increasing your cycling speed, think about safety. It is of utmost importance when you are riding on the road. Some of the basic safety rules, which every cyclist should follow include, road cycling helmets before getting on the bike. Whether you are riding a short distance or a long one think about your head safety. You should know about the different signals and make others aware of your intentions. Besides, as a responsible cyclist, you should follow the general traffic laws pertaining to motor safety.

Draft in Proximity: As a beginner cyclist, this may seem like a big task. However, riding in the draft of others can help conserve energy. When you ride the bike at the same speed as someone else, almost 40% of your energy gets conserved. You should try to maintain 2-3 feet distance in the beginning and reduce it going forward when you can manage your bike confidently.

Manage the Descent: When you go cycling, as a beginner you should be carefully managing the descent part. If you cycle downhill, you should apply equal and light brake levers as it will help to slow down. By applying the brakes in this manner, you can maintain better control over the bike. So, until you become confident in managing your bike, you should maintain a safe speed while riding.

Learn the Science of Shifting: As you are just learning to cycle, it is important to learn the science of shifting. This will help you in maintaining your momentum and improving the average speed. Some of the useful shifting techniques that you should follow include, shift when there is a change in terrain and when you climb you should be easy on the pedals while shifting otherwise the chain may fall.

Give yourself Rest Days: As a new biker, you may have that enthusiasm to make it big within the first few days of cycling. However, this can lead to an injury. Instead, you should go slow and steady and increase your weekly speed by 10%. Moreover, if you are going for long rides or high-intensity ones, then give yourself a day or two rest. This will help your body in recovering and preventing injuries.

Invest in Flexi-Wear: Along with following the above tips, you must also invest in proper clothes. The right pair of shorts, a t-shirt and shoes will make a world of difference. Your clothes should be such that they help you perform and prevent you from injury. Look for such flexiwear clothes that will help you ride faster, longer, and reduce the risk of an injury. Get the right pair of activewear and go cycling. There are plenty of such flexi-wear options at Sporto. You can choose the one as per your sport and set new records against every odd.

Hope the above tips will be helpful in cycling as you embark on this sport. If there are any other tips that you have used as a beginner, then share in the comments below and help fellow enthusiasts. After all, at some point, you too were a beginner.

Happy Cycling!

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