Life is crazy for us these days. We are constantly shuttling between work, family and friends. The peer pressure is at an all-time high for just about everyone. Just look around and you will see everyone running around and chasing their ambitious dreams. There is haste and craziness all around and we are a part of it too. But how to calm yourself and be yourself, amidst this everyday chaos, everyday madness. Is this chaos taking over you, now? Do you remember the last time you felt at peace? Well, finding solitude is afar for most of us. So, the greatest gift you can give to yourself is some peace, some seclusion by means of meditation. It is absolute bliss, the perfect way of calming yourself and being yourself.

Meditation, The Way to Be

Meditation isn’t new, it’s been a hot trend in the wellness world since times immemorial. No, we are not asking you to go to the Himalayas or dress like a yogi and sit in one place for hours in quest to find yourself or some inner peace. All you need is sometime from your busy schedule and a quiet spot anywhere. Maybe, 5 minutes a day in the morning or late at night. Meditation is about freeing you. It is not to restrain or force any hardship upon you. It is simple, some lone time for yourself, until you smile and feel relaxed.


Well, this is not yoga that you need to stretch or breathe in a particular fashion. It is not gym that you need to be careful before you tear a muscle or run where you may feel breathless if you push too hard. Meditation is the science of calming you. It’s your quest to make you at peace with yourself, just being yourself.

Techniques for meditation? Well do it as you like. You can spare 5 minutes, well that is sufficient. Don’t wish to sit beyond 2 minutes, well call it off. You don’t need to push yourself. Simply find a quiet corner in your house and give yourself some time. If you really wish to time it, then use a stopwatch but you are sure to give it up after a while. The key in mediation is not the time, the place or attire. It’s just about being conscious. Be alert, be conscious until you dwell into the sub conscious you. Yes, that’s the art, the beauty of meditation.

If you think, sitting for a while quietly will make you restless, then meditate as you walk. Yes, a simple stroll in your backyard or garden can be the way. Feel the fresh air and feel it becoming a part of you. Just walk on the green grass and feel it. Focus and feel till it becomes one with you. It is about being alert, being present and feeling it.

The Reason Behind this Seclusion

But we suggest you do it alone. Like other sports you don’t need a partner to do this. It is simple, effective and best done alone. You can gift yourself some peace, some happiness only on your own. If you really need an ambience, then settle into comfortable clothing, tracks and tees, Bermuda and t-shirt and just sit with your spine straight. Try to focus on yourself, your breathing and gradually you will be calm, composed and in a state of deep breathing where you will not have count of anything, that’s the state of meditation. It may not happen immediately it will take a while but you will soon experience something you would have never experienced before.

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