In just a few weeks, the festivals will begin and we all want to look fit and fab. It’s time of the year when you meet your friends, family and acquaintances, and the last thing you want to hear is that “Oh, you have that paunch!”, “You were so fit last Diwali, what happened to you!”. Such and other remarks turn you off. So, now is the time to act and get back in shape before those Garba nights and Diwali parties start. These festivities will start in a few weeks and last until New Years, so look good, feel good and get the best compliments from one and all.

Let’s help you shed those extra kilos and get fit and fabulous in 4 weeks.

Goal Setting: If you thought you can lose 20 kg before Diwali, well that is not realistic and healthy. So, we suggest you keep a simple and achievable target to lose weight in 4 weeks. Let’s say 1 kg per week, so maybe 4 kg in 4 weeks. But let’s leave this for you to decide as to achieve such a target you will need to minus calories and add workout to your daily routine. Studies suggest, if 1 kg weight loss per week is your target, then you need to cut at least 7000 calories a week. And you can achieve such a target with the right combination of food and exercise.

Get Moving: Help your partner in cooking, play with your little one, clean the house or simply go shopping to shed those extra kilos. The idea is to stay active and not sit in front of the TV or your comp during your free time. Otherwise, simply go for a stroll, you don’t always need to go for a brisk walk. A simple, long stroll is also a fat burning workout.

Eat Healthy: This is a must if you want to lose weight and that too in a short span of time. If you are thinking how to make body fit, gradually, go for a lifestyle change. Try having a fruit in the morning or early afternoon when you are hungry. Start carrying salad bowls instead of chips and fries for in between snacking. Have your dinner early and if hungry before bedtime, settle with a glass of warm milk. You will sleep well while counting your calories as well. Along with this, avoid artificial juices, sugary and salty snacks. Plan your meals between 250-400 calories depending upon your physical activity. Replace tea, coffee and juice with water. Each time you crave for that juice, have some water, instead.

Exercise, A Must: Take up any form of exercise, which you prefer. There is nothing like the best workouts to lose weight list. Running, jogging, gym, swimming, just indulge in some form of workout and shed those extra calories and kilos. It is said, “150 minutes of workout are just good, per week”. So, if you think it is difficult to get out of the bed on Monday morning, dedicate extra minutes over the weekend to cover up the loss. Alternatively, you can make Monday’s rest days.

When it comes to losing weight, your planning and dedication is the key to success. You need to decide a 4-week diet plan for weight loss, when to exercise, what kind of meals to plan and correspondingly how much weight loss to expect. Your weight loss journey is all about the food you eat, when you eat and if you work out. The right combination of food and workout will help you achieve better weight loss results in a span of 4 weeks, itself. Stay consistent, patient and motivated and get fit and fabulous in 4 weeks. To help you stay motivated, we will have such and more blog reads for you and a fantastic range of sportswear to keep you charged-up. Buy new capris and tracks from and team it with your favourite colour T-Shirt. Sporto brings affordable, stylish and trendy sportswear. Browse for the range @ and indulge in full body workout for weight loss.