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Fit Father, Set a Different Goal this Father’s Day

Fit Father, Set a Different Goal this Father’s Day - Sporto

Being a father is a different kind of feeling, altogether. The sheer joy and happiness of being addressed as a father is something that you feel, only when you first see your child and later hear your munchkin call you papa, dada, daddy. But being a father, calls upon new responsibilities on you. Being your kid’s super hero is always on your mind, but it should not be at the cost of your health. Getting fit should be your target as a father, so you can inculcate the habit in your little girl and boy too. 

Once a parent, always a parent. Between your unpredictable sleep schedules and trying to help your wife, you always try to spend the remaining time with your little one and the idea of fitness keeps getting down the priority list. Those Sunday matches, often go amiss and you keep sinking into a sedentary lifestyle. But does parenthood mean, leaving yourself behind or forgetting your health? Well, it should be vice versa, you should take good care of yourself, so that you can look after your kids better. Moreover, parents are the first role models for kids. So, if they will see you hitting the gym or going for a run with them every day, they too will pursue an active and healthy lifestyle.

Make your mission of being fit and healthy, the goal this father’s day and set the right trend in your house. We share some tips with you how you can bring back the active lifestyle with a kid at home.

1. Start at Home: If you haven’t been to the gym in a while or played your favourite game, then instead of hitting the treadmill or tracks, it is better you start with some form of workout at home. While, playing with your munchkin, you can try some push-up’s and squats. Even if it is for a few minutes, it is a good start. Build your stamina gradually and enjoy a good health.

2. Partner Hunt: You should look for a partner in crime as it is a great way of staying fit. Not able to match your schedule with fellow fathers? Don’t worry, ask you wife and working out together will be a great way to give each other sometime. Maybe, when the child sleeps you can schedule your aerobics or yoga at home. Otherwise, if you have a school going kid, then after sending the kid, you can enjoy running in open or try a gym session, together.

3. Plan Outdoors: Shift your weekend plans from malls and cinema to outdoors. Kids love playing outdoors, so a picnic plan or biking session will keep you on your toes and your kids will love their weekends too. Take home cooked food for picnics, some toys and games, which you can play with your kids. The rule is simple your kids do what you do. So, eat those veggies and they will eat them too. Likewise, go biking with them over the weekends and you will see your young biker pacing up too. It is easy to inculcate habits in kids at a tender age. Teach them the skill of staying fit when young.

4. Eat Home cooked food, eat healthily: Along with a disciplined workout schedule, it is important that you encourage your kids to have home cooked food. It is a great way of staying fit and healthy. Bring on those veggies and fruits into your diet instead of junk food. Your kids will develop the same taste and likings, and the chances of their getting obese later will be minimal.

The right food and workout schedule will go a long way in keeping you fit and active. You can enjoy more with your kids and they will love their young dad, playing and frolicking with them. So, set major fitness goals this Father’s Day and be your kids Super Hero.

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