We are close to the dawn of 2018 and rise of 2019. With these healthy habits for life series, we intend that you take up the good habits now and start the new year on a fit note. The fourth and final part of this series is about following a fitness regime that is sustainable and beneficial. When it comes to healthy living, it is about holistic changes that one needs to make in their lifestyles. Following healthy tips for weight loss, better meal planning, hydration, and fitness are fundamental if you want to live a healthy and happy life. Read on the below tips to improve physical fitness and celebrate a fitter and finer you.

1. Every Bit of Workout Counts: If you have been living a sedentary lifestyle, then every bit of workout will count. Even if you can manage a 10-minute workout, it is great and should be motivating. You can also try stringing a couple of short durations or HIIT workouts targeting different body parts and perform them over the course of the day. If you can manage to work out for an hour every day, it will be great. However, in the beginning, if you are able to work out even for 30 minutes, it will be a good start. In fact, you can also sustain a 30-minute exercise regime every day and feel the difference.

2. Learn a Few Moves & Plan Things Around: It is not essential to know several steps and moves. Instead, you can try to learn a few essential exercises like planks, pushups, lunges, and squats and perform variants around it. To make it more challenging for yourself, you can even add weights and more reps.

3. Perform your Favourite Exercises: Not everyone likes running or going to the gym! So, it is important not to follow others. Rather, take up a form of workout that you enjoy doing. You can try different exercises like gym, swimming, biking, yoga, Pilates and then settle on ones which you enjoy doing. Besides, another good and motivating practice can be of performing a workout for 15 days and then trying something new.

4. Follow the Technique & Perform it Right: In the quest to learn or achieve more, don’t overlook the technique. It is important that you learn all the right moves and do them perfectly. Otherwise, you will not benefit from them. Even if you do 10 pushups in the right manner, it will give you the result as against doing 20 pushups in the wrong way.

5. Fuel it Right: What you eat before and after a workout makes much difference in your performance and results. So, it is essential that you consider your pre and post-workout nutrition and train right. Grabbing a quick energy fruit before a workout and easy to digest one post-workout can make much of a difference.

6. Keep Coming Back: There might be instances when you take a break due to office, holiday or sickness. However, as soon as you are free, you should immediately resume your workout schedule.

7. Invest in Workout Wear: Along with the above tips, it is vital to invest in workout wear. There are new trends that keep coming and buying the latest will give you confidence and motivation. So, you should check for the latest training gear and upgrade your fitness wardrobe.

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