Do you know drinking water can help you lose weight? It is H2O that can bring down the water retention issues that you face every morning and night. Yes, such is the impact of water on the human body as our body is 70% water. However, we often mix that thirst sign with hunger. Instead of reaching out for that glass of water, we end up munching on some junk. This year-end, pledge to replenish your body with adequate H2O and see the difference. However, if you are wondering how to make this possible, well read on to gather some tips to hydrate your body adequately.

1. Let Water be Your Companion: The way you carry your smartphone everywhere with you ensure that you take a full bottle of water, as well. Once you will have this as your companion look up to it before reaching for that snack box. Each time you are hungry, give water a try. If you are fine after sipping some, then drop the idea of snacking. Maybe your body required some water and not food.

hydrate your body Food with Rich in Water

2. Add Fruits & Vegetables Rich in Water: Do you know, you can get 20% water from fruit and vegetable intake. However, first list out fruits and vegetables with high water content and then start adding it in your meals and snacks. Among others, watermelon, muskmelon, strawberry, cucumber, bottle gourd are some such sources and can supplement the water need of your body.

3. Increase Intake of Soups and Salads: If not a complete meal, at least plan some snacks around soups and salads. These can instantly take care of the fluid intake. You should look for clear vegetable soups and make salads with vegetables with high water content and enjoy it as a snack.

SoupFluid Intake

4. Amp your Electrolytes: Along with increasing the intake of fluid it is essential that your body absorbs it. You can increase the consumption of essential electrolytes in your body, which are made of magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium chloride. Most energy and sports drinks vouch for these electrolytes. However, they also have high sugar content. A better way out is to include bananas, kale, nuts, spinach and coconut water in your diet. These are natural and good sources of electrolyte and will help your body absorb the fluids.

5. Put Reminders, Plan it Like a Meal: If you tend to forget drinking water, then it is advisable to put reminders for water. There are several applications available on your smartphone that can help you. Search for the best water reminder app 2018 and you will get plenty of options. Besides, when you plan your meals, you should think about adding fruits and vegetables rich in water, including soups and salads and look for ways of absorbing the fluid.

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The water intake further becomes important when you work out. You should be well-hydrated before and post every workout. Plan your meals, workout and water intake and commit to healthy living. To motivate yourself, shop for healthy groceries, stylish fitness wear, and cool water bottles. If finding the right workout attire for men is getting difficult, then Sporto Red can end your search online itself. Home to exclusive, classy and cult-setting fitness attire for men you should check out their all-new winter collection and keep yourself going strong and long this winter. You can preview the range on Sporto Red and set new standards as you enter the New Years with a fitter and healthier you.