Metabolism is the rate at which body burns fat and converts it into energy. You can call it the fat burning engine in your body. But for each one of us this rate is different. While, some have a super-fast metabolic rate, others have it much slower and this can impact your body weight and appearance. Though metabolism is not solely responsible for weight gain or loss, but it has a significant impact. The good part is that even if you have a slow metabolism rate, you can stoke it with the below means

A Healthy Breakfast: Kick start your day with a healthy and sumptuous breakfast. It will get your metabolism going. Plan this most important meal of the day because it is this one meal that gets the body out of the slumber mode. Eat a healthy and wholesome breakfast and give your body the right start.

Lean Proteins, A Must: Include lean proteins in your meals for that lean body composition. So, when planning your breakfast, include eggs with whole wheat toast, smoothie blended with frozen fruit and such other food combinations, which will help to maintain a leaner you.

Colossal Macro Nutrients: When planning your meals incorporate carbohydrates, healthy fats and proteins. A blend of all these macro nutrients will give your body the push. Especially, give your proteins a precedence. Include fish, chicken, and lean cuts of red meats. You can also get your protein dose from low-fat or non-fat dairy products.

Small, Frequent Meals:Start eating small meals periodically. Instead of three big meals a day, plan five to six smaller meals and give your metabolism the push to break down your food faster and better. Plan wholesome meals and include lots of veggies and fruits to enjoy the thermic effect. 

Drink Water, Aplenty: Your body needs to flush out toxins for which drinking plenty of water is essential. Have lots of water and if you want to add a bit of flavour, then opt for green tea. It is quite effective in stimulating your metabolism level.

Optimal Workout: Well, we all know that some form of exercise on a daily basis is a must for each one of us. But, if you want to give your metabolism a push, then include some High Intensity workouts. Interval training is the best workout to burn those calories during and after workout. It keeps your metabolism going even after you finish the workout.

Plan your workouts and go all out to accomplish them. Give yourself short but achievable targets. And to keep yourself motivated to invest in trendy workout wear. Buy tracks for gym and athletic jersey for your run that will give you the push every morning to get going and stay fit. For some awesome and trendy workout wear, check the range at and stay fit and look good, always.