Winters are here and the nippy weather outside must be making you lazy. You try giving your workout amiss almost every second day. Of course, who wants to wake-up early morning and brave the chilly weather outside. But, the winters are here to stay and you cannot afford to miss your workout for such a long time. This makes it essential that you plan your winter workout regime well, so that you don’t end-up putting back all the kilos you lost during summers.

Try the following winter exercise tips and plan smart this winter.

1. Change your Workout Routine:  Well, changing your winter fitness plan becomes important. Reconsider the timing as it is difficult to wake-up early morning. Maybe, plan your workout 30-45 minutes late from your usual timing. While, you get the incentive of more sleep, you will also benefit with a regular workout routine.

2. Follow Consistent Sleeping Pattern: You tend to feel sleepy during winters. This makes it essential that you follow a consistent sleeping pattern. Wake-up and sleep at the same time every day. When you have a regular bedtime, it will definitely make it easy for you to workout in winter.

3. Workout with a Friend: It is the best winter workout plan if you want to do it regularly. A workout companion will keep you going strong and long. Moreover, you will never keep your friend waiting. In fact, you have the inclination of performing better. Simply, buddy up with your training partner and get going. 

4. Try Different Workouts: Going to the gym every day or doing yoga can get boring and will keep you off your workout schedule. So, instead of waiting to get bored and calling it off, it is best you try something different. Especially, during winters to keep you going strong, try a different exercise for winter months, something new, that way you will be motivated to work out. You can also try different workouts during the week. Maybe, alternate between gym and running or gym and yoga and keep going.

5. Workout at Home: You know the yoga poses and the gym exercises, then start working out from home. Don’t brace the chilly weather, stay warm and workout with ease from the comfort of your home. If you have any doubts, then go to an instructor. This will further help you follow your winter training plan diligently.

6. Workout Gear: Invest in some colourful and trendy workout wear that will motivate you to get up and get going. Some comfy tracks and warm, full sleeve T-shirts can be your best winter workout companion.

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