It’s time of the year to meet your friends and family, party not only over the weekends, but during the week, as well. Festivals are truly the most wonderful time of the year. There is joy, excitement and love. You get to meet people who matter, eat what you like and dress the ethnic way. But, it is also time of the year when you tend to go overboard in terms of food. Excessive sweets, unhealthy fats and food buffets spoil your fitness goals and you tend to gain weight. But wait? Why can’t you eat in moderation and manage your weight during festivities?

Here are some tips for smartly partying during the festive season. If not shed more weight at least maintain it.

1. Eat Something Before You Step Out: When going to meet friends or relatives, try to eat something before stepping out. It will help you control your food cravings after seeing the yummy spread. Maybe, a handful of almonds or peanuts, which will give you that feeling of fullness and you won’t to be tempted to overindulge in the lavish spread.

2. Don’t Skip Meals: If you plan to skip breakfast because you had a big buffet the previous night, well you are approaching it all wrong. You can plan your meals and eat periodically. Skipping meals will be stressful for the body and you will end up consuming more calories during the day. So, plan your meals and eat in small portions. During festivals your body is under stress and it needs optimum nutrition.

3. Work it Out: If you are eating, then don’t forget to work out. You should plan your yoga, gym or run and continue working out. Maybe, every day will not be possible during festivals, so work out whenever possible. Go running in the evening if you are not able to follow the morning ritual. Likewise, go twice or thrice a week instead of skipping physical activity all seven days.

4. Portion Control, A Must: Fine, it is not possible to not have those gulab jamuns during Diwali parties? But have a bite or maximum two bites, instead of eating the whole jamun. Indulge in your sweets and other favourites, but in moderation. You will need to follow a portion control guide and track what you eat,if you want to indulge in your favourite foods.

5. Don’t Stand & Eat: When you go for that Diwali dinner, don’t stand and eat. Take your favourites in moderation and then sit, and relish it. And definitely don’t stand close to the buffet table, otherwise it will be super hard to resist.

6. Eat as per Your Plan: You will of course not be partying all seven days, but to think you had a big meal today and can give it a miss for the rest of the week will be wrong. So, if you have to party three days a week, at least eat as per the plan for the remaining four days. Bring in those lean protein foods, greens, salads and fruits back in your plate and feel healthy and better.

So, with the onset of festivals it is essential that you plan your meals regularly and stick to your meal and workout guide. You need to stay in shape and look fab in your ethnic wear. Moderation and working out are the tips to avoid a festive season blow out. If you miss one day, don’t miss every day. Along with ethnic wear, do shop for your workout wear and stay motivated. Bring those tees and tracks in your festival wardrobe, so you have that kick of working out, as well. You can check for the latest trends and offers and get your favourite t shirts and tracks home delivered.